Tuesday, April 24, 2012

random happenings.

i finally finished this. finally.

these in the freezer. omfg.

allergies are not fun. but this box is.

run to iwo jima. i'm going to miss this.

this picture needs no caption.

fun garden pots at michaels. i came home with two.

friday night nats game.

dc nights - the capitol.

while packing i found my friendly neck brace. 

i can't believe i just posted that last picture.

no, but seriously. go to trader joe's and pick up those mint creams and then put them in your freezer before you eat them. heaven in your mouth.

i promise.


Holly said...

I have a cork board VERY similar to that one, my dad made it for me!!

Lottie said...

They sounds so good hopefully it will work if I use After Eights.

That cork board is so clever--could really do with one.

The Management said...

Loving the corkboard and THE CUPCAKES oh my goodness.

Mo (New on U) said...

I love the corkboard and the fact that in the last pic those twigs behind you kind of look like you have some crazy hair going on.

And where is Crumbs??

smk053078 said...

OMG...the neck brace is cracking me up...it reminds me of Sixteen candles where she is trying to drink out of the water fountain! The wine cork board turned out fab!! Loving your pics!! BTW, did you get my email about guest posting while you are on vacay?

Catherine said...

those mint creams sound seriously amazing (and dangerous!)

Thanks for visiting FEST!

Catherine (your newest follower)

Emily said...

oh the cork board looks SO good!! and now i want a crumbs cupcake ;)

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