Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what i wore.

....while chasing boyfriend around southport, north carolina a few weeks ago.

shirt {h&m)
shoes {primark uk)
sunglasses {ray bans}
messenger bag {urban outfitters}
watch {michael kors}

he wouldn't give me my phone back. humph.

with a little chase i ended up getting it back, so don't worry.

let me tell you something about TOMS. you know, those awesome slip on shoes that every body and their mother has? well back in december i wanted to jump on the bandwagon and get myself a pair because they really are the most comfortable pair of shoes that come in the most awesomest (i just made up a word) colors and patterns. i told myself to wait a while until after my european adventure, when my wallet would feel a bit thicker. 

but when i was in harrogate and went primark - their version of a forever 21 - i spotted these wanna be TOMS and tried them on. to my amazement they fit perfectly and looked just like the real ones! then when i saw the price tag of $10 (!!!) a part of me squealed. there was no hesitation. i knew they were coming back to the states with me. 

i'm still planning to purchase a pair of the real things. i have my brown eyes on these and these, but in the meantime i'll be rocking my wanna be's and loving every minute of it.

do you have a pair of TOMS? 
what's your favorite pattern?

p.s. speaking of "wanna be"...did this come to mind after reading my post? or just me? love me some spice girls.

p.p.s. be sure to check out jenni's group giveaway. you might just win yourself one of my favorite candles from your's truly :)


Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Love your outfit! I love pairing a good shirt with shorts. Makes me feel more dressed up than I am :)

New follower from WIWW!

whitney said...

i love the action shot pictures.

drinks still tomorrow?

i could drink a keg.

Gesci said...

Hang on, you were in Harrogate just a couple of months ago??!?! I *live* in Harrogate- well, in the country just outside of it, to be exact! What were you doing there??

granny chic said...

Your blog is a lot of fun, so I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Congrats! Check it out here:

Jenni Austria Germany said...

look at your cute little legs!

love your outfit.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You are too cute!

I am debating on if I want Toms or not. Don't hate me...but I think the toe part is ugly! BUT they are supposed to be so comfy and the whole charity thing makes me want to buy them!

Kristin W said...

I LOVE Toms but would have so many more pairs if they were a tad bit cheaper. I have the Herringbone style in purple with the pink soles. I adore the crochet ones too!


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