Thursday, May 31, 2012

my friend, shanna.

i have a little treat for you all today. my new bloggie friend, shanna, is here to give her two cents on her favorite cosmetic products. and let me tell you, you should take note because this gal has fabulous taste (on top of the most adorable children and fabulous fashion sense). i might be picking up a few of these products when i get back from vacation, just sayin. thanks, shanna!


Well, hello there, Pocket Full of Chuckles readers!  I am Shanna with Because Shanna Said So.  I was so honored and excited when Erica asked me to guest post while she enjoys a little vacation R&R.

I am an Austin, Texas blogger and I typically blog about fashion, outfit posts, randomnesses of life and everyone's favorite...product reviews! 

So, today I thought I would share a few cosmetics products that I cannot live without, use every single day and that have helped improve the overall look of my skin.  I consider all of them a necessity and could not survive without them....and no I am not being over dramatic. 

Here we go...

Dermablend Cover Creme.
This magical creme covers like no other and will last up to 12 hours. My dermatologist recommended it to me a few years ago and I have never turned back.  A little bit goes a long way, so it lasts forever. They have several shades to choose from.  I think this entire line is fabulous and is SPF 30.  This stuff seriously changed my life...okay, maybe not my life, but definitely my face. I use the Beauty Blender to achieve all over, even coverage.  Which leads me to the next product.

The Beauty Blender
The Beauty Blender is a 2011 Allure Best Beauty Award Winner. It was invented by a Hollywood makeup artist. You can apply liquid or powder foundation with this sponge. Just get it damp and you are all set.  It really does help give a flawless, even look.

Bare Minerals Foundation

 I have been using Bare Minerals for at least 7-8 years.  No lie!  I have EXTREMELY oily skin and because it is mineral based, it helps with oil control.  If you are worried about it not providing good coverage, let me calm your nerves.  The coverage is phenomenal and it's light weight so you won't look like a cake face.  The only downfall to this product is that it is messy.  I always apply it in my jammies or an old shirt.

Make Up Forever HD Powder
This stuff is the BOMB-DIGGITY.  I use this after I have applied the Bare Minerals. It is a super fine powder and is a universal shade.  It sets your foundation and matifies your skin.  This is another one that goes along way.  And it is a little messy too....but so worth it.  

Kabuki Brush
 I use a kabuki brush for both the Bare Minerals and Make Up Forever Powder.  I pick mine up at Ulta and use an inexpensive brand.  To me they are all the same, so don't feel like you have to go out and buy a $50 one. I do recommend using this brush if you wear any sort of loose powder cosmetics.

There we have it.  Again, I swear by these products and even did a video on how to apply them all.  Feel free to check it out here. Just promise me you won't laugh at my before and after pictures.  I took one for the team with that post!

Thanks again, Erica for having me today!  I hope to see all of you again real soon!! And you are more than welcome to come visit me at Because Shanna Said So anytime!  I promise to offer the best Texas hospitality around!

Cheers to making new friends soon, y'all!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my friend, amanda.

i'd like you all to meet my beautiful friend, amanda. amanda lives an amazing life with her hubby in okinawa, japan. her stunning pictures entice me on a weekly basis to get on the next flight out of dc and visit the tiny island her and her husband explore. 

amanda is a former dc'er who actually used to work and live down the street from where i currently work and lived. too bad she moved away before either of us realized this because i'm pretty sure we would be meeting up for dinner and drinks, talking about our crazy love of travel and reading. amanda, please move back to dc. but not until i come visit you in japan. k, thanks.


Hi! I'm Amanda Marshall and am so happy to post for Erica while she's off vacationing. 

In honor of her trip to the GLORIOUS Outer Banks I wanted to give you a taste of what she's going to soak up for a whole month. She is so lucky - it's ammmazing there!

{where my husband and I stayed the last time we were there}

The Outer Banks seems like a hidden getaway ~ {especially the little town of Duck - our favorite!}
It's darling, tiny, calm, friendly, soo laid-back, and not a crowd in sight. We literally have miles & miles of beach dunes nearly all to ourselves every time we go. The OBX has a much different feel to it than any other beach I've ever been to. It's quiet and there aren't a lot of hotels. Most people rent homes on or near the beach so you feel less like a tourist and instead get to live and breath the serene and naturally beautiful lifestyle of it. I think one of my favorite parts about the OBX is how slow the culture is down there - when my family goes or I'm with my husband - we lay out all day together, read soo many books, take polar dives into the refreshingly cold water, have salty hair and skin every day, take beach walks in the morning and evenings and fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the waves. 

And the seafood and the Carolina wines? 

Truly - what more could you want?!
I hope {and know you will!} have the most amazing time, Erica! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my friend, whitney.

hope you all had a lovely memorial day! we've been trying to soak up as much beach time and relaxation as we can. the outerbanks is beautiful and i never want to leave.

my bloggie-turned-real-life friend, whitney is here with you today sharing an adventure she took at the age of 10. whitney is awesome. she's hilarious. she likes to eat pho with me after work. and we both like to drink. so clearly you'll like her too.  i haven't seen her in two weeks since moving out to the 'burbs and i don't really know what to do with myself. whitney, i miss you. can we hang out soon?


whenever erica told me she was going to the outbanks. i envisioned her camping. and then i thought about the time i went camping. at the beach. in an RV. when i was 10.

i grew up camping. we started in a tent. then graduated to a pop-up [if you camp, you know] and then ended my camping days in a pull behind RV.

it was no ritz or even a motel 8. but it was cozy. and smelled like camping.

this one time. i was convinced [i was 10. i didn't really have a say] to go camping at the beach.

sounds luxurious.

all things were going fine. until a hurricane hit.

obviously i grew up in florida and hurricanes are normal. but usually you would want to be in doors. of a house. not a camper. but at this point, our options were limited.

and by limited, i mean my grandmother lived 30 minutes away. but no. we were going to wait out the storm.

which was a terrible idea.

so in the middle of the night when the trailer was rockin [out of the gutters!] i woke up from the top bunk jumped down and took two giant steps and ended up in the back room with my mom.

i convinced her the idea of camping in a hurricane was the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of. granted i had only heard 10 years worth of stuff but i was 'pee my pants' scared.

so we packed up the car and drove to my warm, dry grandmothers house.

i had never been so excited to see her and her cats.

so take this as a lesson.

don't camp. you never know what the weather will be. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

got my toes in the water.

happy friday!

after a hectic two weeks of moving and unpacking (we still have a lot of organizing to do), we are leaving tonight to the outerbanks in north carolina! we'll be gone for an entire week and i can't wait to soak up the sun, swim in the pool, dip my toes in the ocean (i don't swim in the ocean!), and have lots of quiet time with my man.

i have a few lovely ladies lined up for you all next week so be sure to come back and check them out.

hope you all have a great long, memorial day weekend and get to do some relaxing of your own :)

oak island, nc - april 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

life dump.

a few things that have happened over the month of may...

my awesome new stovetop espresso pot that i won from marissa!

my "home" office during the few days we were out of cable and internet

cinco de mayo celebrations
dave and busters.
yup. it happened.
a nice surprise from boyfriend for our new place
hello, target bags.

my new commute. dreadful.

can't believe it's almost june. hello, summertime!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

song 1.

a few weeks ago we made it to the hirshhorn museum to check out song 1: a happening. the outdoor installation, by doug aitken, is a rolling montage of big, beautiful images and is projected onto the museum's exterior. it's been going on every day this spring and plays "i only have eyes for you" on repeat. 

we found a spot on a grassy corner of the museum, laid down, and enjoyed the beautiful evening of art.

dc ain't half bad.

*all photos from my iphone. horrible quality

my view for 45 minutes.

snuggled in the grass.

and i have a video! but i accidentally turned my phone the wrong way while filming. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

be right back.


sorry for the lack of posting but between a move, working, a new commute, and unpacking, my life is pretty busy. we also don't have internet or cable, so that's a whole other story. let me just say that

so in the next few days, while i hope to accomplish a lot of unpacking, please be patient. i hope to regain some of my sanity that has been lost...because right now i feel like we haven't even made a small dent in this:


oh, the joys of moving.

Friday, May 11, 2012


color crush

color crush by ecoletta 

it's our last night in the apartment. we move in the rest of our belongings tomorrow morning and will officially be calling reston our new home. 

tonight we'll be packing up the kitchen, with a bottle of wine, and settle on the couch with some popcorn, a blanket, and a good movie. this outfit will be perfect for such an occasion. 

it's such a bittersweet feeling. we are so excited to be living in a new area that we both love, but we're so sad to be leaving our tiny 630 square foot space that we've called home for the past 1.5 years. 

i remember all the blood, sweat, and tears from the day we moved in (don't worry, we're not renting a uhaul this time), to eating pizza and drinking $4 champagne on our floor, to decorating for our first christmas, and to finally making this place feel like home.

we've had some great times that we're going to cherish forever,  but it's time to move on and settle in to our next place and i can't wait for all the new memories we're going to make.

have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

what i wore.

last week we picked up the keys to our new place and to celebrate i put on one of my favorite maxi dresses and we went out for margarita's in our new neighborhood!

 yes, we never make our bed. 

maxi dress {thrifted - banana republic}
belt {thrifted}
watch {michael kors}
sandals {nine west}
"e" stamp necklace {gift}

this dress is from banana republic's spring 2011 line. i got it last year at a thrift store in perfect condition. originally almost $200, i got it for a steal at $60.
loves it.

here's another picture of me wearing it last year at boyfriend's birthday dinner. 
clearly, i still like the belt look.

do you have a favorite dress? 
thrifted or non-thrifted?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


one of my favorite pastas is pappardelle. after cooking this dish, i couldn't get the delicious, fat egg noodles out of my head. do you know that in italy there are towns that that have festivals honoring it? true story. i want to go.

on friday i used the last of our trusty trader joe's pappardelle pasta and followed this recipe. i mean, as soon as i saw that it called for sprinkled goat cheese, i was sold. the dish was very light and the goat cheese melted to perfection. i was not a huge fan of the roasted tomato chunks - i usually like them but for some reason the texture was throwing me off that night - but i was able to move around them and wipe my plate clean nonetheless.

 have you made anything delicious lately?

Friday, May 4, 2012

what my twenties are teaching me.

the beyond lovely sarah put together this brilliant link up today and i thought i'd share five things that my twenties are teaching me.

i'm almost 27 so i've got a few years left. but so far this has been a life changing decade, for sure.

1. be kind.
"so in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..."
everyone has their own story. listen, be grateful, and give back.
there's no greater feeling than spreading joy and kindness. 
really, what's stopping you?

volunteering with martha's table

2. forgive.
not much to say here except life is too short.
so forgive.
that is all.


3. friendship is about quality. not quantity.
surround yourself with good people. this is probably one of the hardest lessons i've learned throughout my twenties.
there have been friends whom i've lost over the years and it was the hardest thing i ever had to accept. but it's okay. people change. people grow apart. that's life.
as we grow older it's more important to have friends who are positive, loving,  and respectful. and who will have your back no matter what. i've been so fortunate to have these types of ladies in my life. there is nothing better.

college besties <3

childhood besties <3

4. treat your body with respect.
in college health was not high on my priority list (obvi), but since entering the real world, with real life duties and real life problems, i've started to notice a change in the way my body works and moves. i think having neck surgery really put things in perspective.
i only have one body and i want to treat it right.
do what makes sense for your body and your mind. give it a dose of health every once in a while. i promise, you'll feel better. 
drink water, be active, and be conscious. but don't ever, ever deprive yourself. 
this is something i continue to work on.

running my first 5k - summer 2010

bike ride pit stop - summer 2011

5. love.
love your family, love your significant other, love your friends.
i've loved and i've had my heart broken. but i found love again, the fullest love i've ever known. i think those past relationships and heartaches helped me find what i truly want and what truly matters. 
don't be scared to love again. in all aspects of your life. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

mother's day gift guide.

mother's day is almost one week away! here are a few gifts that'll be sure to put (additional) smiles  on her face.

brighten up her morning.

take a trip down memory lane.

pamper her.

spoil her.

add some bling to her wrist.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

let's celebrate.


today is a day worth celebrating!

today is my mom's birthday! 


today we are picking up the keys to our new place!
we have a little over two weeks to move in all our stuff so it'll be nice to do it at a slow and steady pace. 
can't wait to post pictures!


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