Thursday, May 24, 2012

life dump.

a few things that have happened over the month of may...

my awesome new stovetop espresso pot that i won from marissa!

my "home" office during the few days we were out of cable and internet

cinco de mayo celebrations
dave and busters.
yup. it happened.
a nice surprise from boyfriend for our new place
hello, target bags.

my new commute. dreadful.

can't believe it's almost june. hello, summertime!!


wildchild said...

I'm glad your month of moving has been good, but that it's almost over and you're getting settled. Summer is coming, it's time for fun things, like more concerts and more margaritas! Always more margaritas

Brittany said...

that marg looks amazeballs. PS - I forgot you went to D&B for the first time!! Looks like you had fun! :)


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