Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my friend, amanda.

i'd like you all to meet my beautiful friend, amanda. amanda lives an amazing life with her hubby in okinawa, japan. her stunning pictures entice me on a weekly basis to get on the next flight out of dc and visit the tiny island her and her husband explore. 

amanda is a former dc'er who actually used to work and live down the street from where i currently work and lived. too bad she moved away before either of us realized this because i'm pretty sure we would be meeting up for dinner and drinks, talking about our crazy love of travel and reading. amanda, please move back to dc. but not until i come visit you in japan. k, thanks.


Hi! I'm Amanda Marshall and am so happy to post for Erica while she's off vacationing. 

In honor of her trip to the GLORIOUS Outer Banks I wanted to give you a taste of what she's going to soak up for a whole month. She is so lucky - it's ammmazing there!

{where my husband and I stayed the last time we were there}

The Outer Banks seems like a hidden getaway ~ {especially the little town of Duck - our favorite!}
It's darling, tiny, calm, friendly, soo laid-back, and not a crowd in sight. We literally have miles & miles of beach dunes nearly all to ourselves every time we go. The OBX has a much different feel to it than any other beach I've ever been to. It's quiet and there aren't a lot of hotels. Most people rent homes on or near the beach so you feel less like a tourist and instead get to live and breath the serene and naturally beautiful lifestyle of it. I think one of my favorite parts about the OBX is how slow the culture is down there - when my family goes or I'm with my husband - we lay out all day together, read soo many books, take polar dives into the refreshingly cold water, have salty hair and skin every day, take beach walks in the morning and evenings and fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the waves. 

And the seafood and the Carolina wines? 

Truly - what more could you want?!
I hope {and know you will!} have the most amazing time, Erica! 


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