Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my friend, whitney.

hope you all had a lovely memorial day! we've been trying to soak up as much beach time and relaxation as we can. the outerbanks is beautiful and i never want to leave.

my bloggie-turned-real-life friend, whitney is here with you today sharing an adventure she took at the age of 10. whitney is awesome. she's hilarious. she likes to eat pho with me after work. and we both like to drink. so clearly you'll like her too.  i haven't seen her in two weeks since moving out to the 'burbs and i don't really know what to do with myself. whitney, i miss you. can we hang out soon?


whenever erica told me she was going to the outbanks. i envisioned her camping. and then i thought about the time i went camping. at the beach. in an RV. when i was 10.

i grew up camping. we started in a tent. then graduated to a pop-up [if you camp, you know] and then ended my camping days in a pull behind RV.

it was no ritz or even a motel 8. but it was cozy. and smelled like camping.

this one time. i was convinced [i was 10. i didn't really have a say] to go camping at the beach.

sounds luxurious.

all things were going fine. until a hurricane hit.

obviously i grew up in florida and hurricanes are normal. but usually you would want to be in doors. of a house. not a camper. but at this point, our options were limited.

and by limited, i mean my grandmother lived 30 minutes away. but no. we were going to wait out the storm.

which was a terrible idea.

so in the middle of the night when the trailer was rockin [out of the gutters!] i woke up from the top bunk jumped down and took two giant steps and ended up in the back room with my mom.

i convinced her the idea of camping in a hurricane was the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of. granted i had only heard 10 years worth of stuff but i was 'pee my pants' scared.

so we packed up the car and drove to my warm, dry grandmothers house.

i had never been so excited to see her and her cats.

so take this as a lesson.

don't camp. you never know what the weather will be. 

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