Wednesday, May 23, 2012

song 1.

a few weeks ago we made it to the hirshhorn museum to check out song 1: a happening. the outdoor installation, by doug aitken, is a rolling montage of big, beautiful images and is projected onto the museum's exterior. it's been going on every day this spring and plays "i only have eyes for you" on repeat. 

we found a spot on a grassy corner of the museum, laid down, and enjoyed the beautiful evening of art.

dc ain't half bad.

*all photos from my iphone. horrible quality

my view for 45 minutes.

snuggled in the grass.

and i have a video! but i accidentally turned my phone the wrong way while filming. 


Brittany Nicole said...

That's cool! You guys are always finding something unique to do!

marissa at the boot said...

such a cool idea! i love that song too. does it get to you after a while though?


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