Wednesday, June 6, 2012

is this real life?

 our home for the week.
14 people, all under one roof :)

 what we woke up to every day

 breakfast on the beach
hat {kiosk in mall}
shirt {boutique in southport, nc}
sunglasses {ray-bans}

this only lasted us two days

 volleyball on the beach

games by the pool

yay, vacation!

 bonfires on the beach

crab feast

hiked the cape hatteras lighthouse

 dress {old navy}
sunglasses {ray-bans}

walked the avon pier

our vacation in the outerbanks was perfection. i'm already missing that beautiful view from our house.

we ate great food, drank way too much, relaxed by the pool and soaked up as much beach time as we could. it's definitely been a struggle to get back in the work routine but at least i have another short week - friday is a global wide community service day with my company so i'll be spending it outside volunteering with our local parks and recreation folks. then boyfriend and i will be jumping in the car once again and making the drive to nj for a family reunion. 

i love the summertime.


Brittany said...

That looks AMAZEBALLS friend! We should plan our next ANOPC reunion there next year maybe! :) Glad you had fun!!!!

wildchild said...

I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to have a giant vacation with all of my friends like that and the Outerbanks look like a gorgeous place to do that. Happy summer!

Holly said...

Your trip looked absolutely perfect :) Welcome Home!

so anthro said...

You're kidding me. How jealous am I this looks like such an amazing trip!!

B said...

this looks like SOO much fun! glad you had a great time!

Kristin W said...

Being three hours from the Outer Banks, I don't get out there often enough! You've just inspired me to make sure we have breakfast on the beach on our next beach trip :)


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