Thursday, June 21, 2012

months of celebrating.

i've been MIA the last few weeks and i'm sorry about that. and i don't think much is going to change in the coming weeks/months, but i'll try harder to be more present.

i feel like i need to give you a heads up so that you'll understand my whereabouts. because i'm sure you're all itching to know what i have planned. riiiiiiiight??!?!?! right.

this weekend i'll be in dc throwing a joint bachelorette party
there will be lots of food, there will be a wine tour with 15 girls, there will be penis straws, and there will be dancing.
brunch in arlington with old friends on sunday
bridal shower #1 in pennsylvania next saturday - june 30
bridal shower #2 in dc next sunday - july 1
spending the fourth of july week in the comfort of my own home 
a nice little break! hopefully i'll catch some dc fireworks
baptizing my sweet little niece - july 8
going to my bestie's house warming party in philadelphia the weekend of july 13 
going to wedding #1 in hershey, pennsylvania - july 19-21
going to try and make a stop at hershey park afterwards :)
celebrating boyfriend's 29th birthday on july 27 :)
and continuing the celebration all weekend long
to include river tubing, fancy dinners, and constantly spoiling him with random gifts.
then it's august! and it's finally my first weekend with nothing planned!
bridal shower #3 in new jersey - august 11-13
weekend getaway with boyfriend at a b&b in the virginia countryside - august 17
couples massage, wine tour, and sleeping in will be on our itinerary
my second weekend with nothing planned in late august!
we start september with wedding #2 in dc over labor day
flying to tampa, florida for wedding #3 - september 13-16
we'll be sending best wishes to wedding #4 in dc on september 15
driving up to wedding #5 in maryland - september 21-23
celebrating my 27th birthday on september 30!

phew, there you have it. october starts to lighten up a bit. we have one concert and i have my second bachelorette party in philadelphia. then in early november we have our 6th wedding in philadelphia.

before we know it, it'll be thanksgiving.

i can't even explain to you how much i'm looking forward to all the celebrating we have planned in the next few months. there's nothing better than spending days with the people you love. but even during all this craziness, i'm definitely going to make sure i savor all the little, unexpected things that are sure to pop up this summer - like a quiet meal at home with my love, a movie marathon night, and family bbq's. 



whitney said...

i'm exhausted just reading all of this.

i didn't see my name in there. guess you'll have to squeeze me in whenever possible.

wildchild said...

holy moly. is every single person you know getting married? such an expensive summer!

but i'm sure you'll have fun! at the very least, you'll become an expert packer :)

Holly said...

Where was "trip to Portland, OR to see me" in your list?!?! I kid, I kid! This sounds like our summer last year when we had wedding after wedding... This summer we're going to Chicago for a week and San Francisco & Napa for a very long weekend. It's also the summer of everyone coming to visit us - we have visitors throughout the whole month of July, yikes!!

Nicole said...

oh my goodness, such a busy girl!

B said...

sounds like a great summer filled with fun and friends! enjoy!

Brittany Nicole said...

Excited to see you at 4 of these events! Woo hoo! You're a busy girl. I assume you'll be MIA after September..hibernating...resting off the summer. lol UGGGHHH!!!

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