Monday, August 13, 2012

24 hours to spare.

you guys sick of my 2009 european trip yet? i promise it's almost over. this is the second to last stop on our journey. when we left munich we took a 3 hour train ride to frankfurt for a quick 24 hours. we decided to check out frankfurt because the flight was significantly cheaper than if we had flown out of munich (due to oktoberfest season). frankfurt was....interesting. it was clearly beautiful (see below) and the people were very friendly, but there wasn't much to see as a tourist. the city of frankfurt is the financial and transportation center of germany, so it has more of an urban feel to it. because there isn't a lot of 'touristy' things to do here, it was actually kind of perfect that we had just 24 hours. it ended up being just what we needed after a crazy  and sleepless couple of days in munich. we peacefully roamed the city, enjoyed delicious meals, met some great people, and settled in early to our very tiny hotel room!

römer square
the römer

st. bartholomew's cathedral

this creepy statue spit water out of its mouth as we walked by. 

this restaurant was apparently home to the first ever frankfurt. so of course we had to stop and try it out!

frankfurt's most popular beverage is their apple wine. we found these along the streets :)

our hotel room. i am on my bed. suitcase in between me and the other bed. bathroom in front. door on the left. smallest room ever.

couldn't get enough of  römer square :)

so, what do you think?

our next (and final) stop: harrogate, england :) 

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