Tuesday, August 28, 2012


two weeks ago we escaped the hustle and bustle of northern virginia and spent a weekend three hours south in the mountains. it was just the two of us. and it was perfect.

we stayed in a gorgeous little b&b owned by the sweetest woman who decided to retire from the dc corporate world and chase her dream in turning her family's vacation home into a b&b. this place is nestled on a beautiful farm filled with horses, cows, ducks, dogs, and even peacocks!! the views were magnificent. my favorite memory was waking up with the sun, taking our time getting ready, grabbing coffee and our kindles at 7:30 am, and reading on the back porch surrounded by so much natural beauty. 

it was one of those weekends that makes you really appreciate life. and loved ones. and just the simple things.

we ate some incredible bbq, did a lot of wine tasting, and went on a tough, but beautiful, 4 mile hike up a waterfall. i'd like to go back. right now.

on the drive down we stopped at our first winery, mountain cove.

and then we arrived at the b&b...

our view in the morning

peacocks on the front porch!
i want this kitchen.

morning hike up crabtree falls.

watching them press the grapes at lovingston winery.

how cute is the bottle on the right?

pit stop for bbq on the side of the road. it was SO GOOD!

winery #3: veritas

we clearly like our wine.


Sara said...

wow the b&b looks so amazing, I have to convince my bf to take me somewhere like that!


B said...

wow! this looks amazing! this is like my perfect weekend! glad you guys had a good time!

Kristin W said...

What an awesome trip! B&b + wineries is just perfection! Does the B&B have a website? Usually we head west to Asheville for a mountain trip, but VA is likely just as close or closer.


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