Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hallo, münchen.

munich is a beautiful city. the architecture, the food, and the people were delightful. in addition to our oktoberfest night, we had an entire day and a half to roam the city and take in all the beauty. we even made a quick trip out to dachau concentration camp (only 15 minutes away), which was the first of the nazi concentration camps during hitler's reign. my minor in college was international studies and i took many classes around WWII and the third reich so i was very interested in seeing one of the concentration camps while in germany.

touring the camp was powerful and very overwhelming, especially walking through the old shower rooms ("brausebad") that were used as gas chambers, and the room that held the crematory ovens. but i'm so glad we got to see it. it was a huge eye-opener!

beer break. obvi.

we climbed to the top.

so worth it.

marking our spot :)

traditional german meal - beer, sauerkraut,  bratwurst, and spaetzle.

the gates to the camp.
translation:"labor makes you free"

entrance to the showers aka gas chamber

crematory ovens.

next stop: salzburg, austria!

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Brittany Campbell said...

Isn't Munich one of the most charming cities? I just love it there! I've been twice now and still want to go back again, its just such a nice place!


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