Monday, August 27, 2012

home sweet home.

a few weeks ago i mentioned we finally bought a table for our apartment. we also bought a nice little chevron rug for our living room. and i even organized our entire closet! with all of these exciting new things happening to our place, i thought i'd share another sneak peek into our little home. there's still some things we need to do/get (coffee table, wall art, shelves, bar cart), but they are things of no real urgency...or so i keep telling myself.

*and yes the walls are a hideous light purple. the owners were not thrilled of us painting, so here we are stuck with purple. it actually looks a lot darker in these pictures than it really is. oh the joys of renting.

the rug is from urban outfitters and the couch is from belfort furniture. we are looking to upgrade our coffee table and i have seen so many amazing ones lately that i'm on the fence on which one to get (like this and this). we also still need wall art for above the couch. any recommendations?! 

one of my to-do's since the day we moved in was to seriously organize our closet. the closet is about 4 times the size as our old one. it has so much space and storage (more behind the door!) that i was kind of dreading the process. we just had too much stuff in there! it took me over two hours but i'm so pleased with the outcome and i no longer get a headache when searching for things! 



we found a really great hook shelf for our hats at home depot. i hated how they were all stacked and buried in the corner of our closet where we couldn't find them. the white thing underneath i got at urban outfitters a few years ago. it's for my jewelry which i still need to organize. so for now i keep most of my pieces in the hanging pouch - which was a gift.

i hope to have more updates in the next few months. and i promise to take better quality pictures. my camera has been in hiding the last few weeks but i took it out last weekend with its new macro lens (!!!!) and it reignited my passion for photography!


jackie said...

ooh i like it! the chevron living room rug is so cute.

and ah yes, the paint. it's just such a pain to paint something you're temporarily in, even if the landlords let you. our whole apartment is cream, which is acceptable, but there's one wall in the living room that's a gross sandy beige color and I hate beige, so I am dying to paint that thing.

Lindsay [Elle Elizabeth] said...

I love the first coffee table you're looking at! And I have those same leaning bookshelves. I use mine in my kitchen :)

Lottie said...

i love your rug.

and i really need to organise our wardrobe situation, it isn't working and we need to get another wardrobe but i am just putting it off because i am lazy ;)

Holly said...

Love your closet! The one thing lacking in our house is a decent size closet - sigh.

I would suggest placing three peices of art above your couch. Like a series of something... just a thought :)


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