Tuesday, August 7, 2012

when in germany...

following london we hopped on a plane to munich! we seriously lucked out when planning this visit because we arrived on the last day of oktoberfest!! we had absolutely no idea where the festival grounds were in relation to our hostel (poor planning on our end), but just figured we would talk to people at our hostel and get the scoop. at the same time, we didn't really want to get our hopes up with going in case it was too far, too late, or too much of a hassle.

as soon as we landed we spent almost an hour trying to figure out the damn s-bahn (train) schedule - german is no joke!- and arrived to our hostel shortly after. we were sharing a room with 6 other people and quickly made friends. it just so happened that they were all taking a 'lunch break' from oktoberfest and were going to walk back over. WALK?! yup, we were only 3 blocks from festival grounds. SCORE!

soft butter in between a pretzel. I LOVE GERMANY!

inside our tent. pure mayhem and pure amazingness.

hostel friends. very close quarters.
that girl in the back was dunzo.

table dancing and singing. happend about every 20 minutes.

8 hours in the tent. probably my 8th stein. when in germany...

and a little video of us entering our first tent. we had no idea what to expect.

i can't even explain what a lucky day it was for us. not only were we staying right around the corner from the festival, but we only looked in two tents for seats, and finally found some in the main tent, hofbrau festzelt. i don't even know how this happened considering these tents hold around 10000 people and it was the last day of the festival which is the most crowded day of them all. want to know the best part about getting a seat? you don't have to get up to order your beer. waitresses come and take your order, and in a short few minutes return with your stein. seriously. best. day. ever.

dear, oktoberfest. you are my best friend. we had one of the craziest, most amazing day ever together. can't wait to visit you again. all my love, erica.

have you been to oktoberfest? seriously if you haven't, GO! i'm sure there is much more to do there then drink beer. i think.

p.s. next up on my trip: roaming the city of munich!


marissa at the boot said...

ahahaha! all the lederhosen cracks me up! oh my god, those pretzels! what a fun time! i need to go.

Lottie said...

i love how big those steins are--well done are drinking eight. i would have been a wimp in comparison.

and the pretzels look so good :)

Vivian said...

Been at that exact same spot! Munich (Bavaria) is the funnest region in Germany. Good for you!!

Taylor said...

i want a german pretzel!!
they look amazing!
i can't believe your parents live in southport! that is so cool. it was beautiful and quiet down there, just lovely. we DID go for ice cream, i am going to have to check if it was flavas, but it was a really cool place with great staff and delicious soft-serve. :) it was an outdoor seating place, right on the main strip.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

So cool! I've never even been to an Oktoberfest here, can you believe that?!

B said...

Ive never been to Oktoberfest, or Germany for that matter, but i want to go to both! Looks like so much fun!


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