Monday, September 10, 2012

a review from a non "foodie".

by no means do i consider myself, by technical terms, a "foodie". yes i love to eat. and i love to go out to eat. and i love cooking/baking. but i'm no expert.

so it only makes sense i write a restaurant review, right?

it's my blog and i do what i wanna.

but for all seriousness, i love going out to eat and trying new restaurants. so when we found out the dates to restaurant week in our town center this summer we planned well in advance. there is quite a selection of places in our new hood so the decision was a bit overwhelming. to narrow it down we first decided on what kind of fare we wanted. it ended up being seafood which brought us to two places. we settled on passionfish.

the restaurant was absolutely stunning. as soon as you walk in, it opens up to the grand dining room with an elegant stairway that takes you to a second floor with additional seating that overlooks the entire restaurant. we made reservations and were seated right away. within seconds, yes seconds (!), our waiter greeted us with a beautiful little dish of toasted bread and salmon butter (!!!)

the deal with restaurant week varies by restaurant but basically those that participate have three course prix-fixed menus for a reduced price. although with passionfish they allowed you to pick any entree on their regular menu. our waiter gave us plenty of time to review their extensive menu - which i appreciated because i'm so indecisive when it comes to ordering. 

we ordered a bottle of their pinot grigio tiamo (i'm a strong believer in having white with fish) and even though it was not my absolute favorite, it was still pretty good. i ordered their blue crab and corn chowder soup as my appetizer and it was SO GOOD! i thought the corn would over power the dish, but it didn't at all. there were huge chunks of blue crab floating around and the portion size was very generous (boyfriend had the classical peruvian style ceviche, and loved it). sometimes restaurants skimp on their portion sizes during restaurant week but this place did not fail in that aspect.

around 15-20 minutes after we finished our appetizers (a perfect amount of time for yours truly) our entrees came out. i ordered the jumbo lump crab cakes (what can i say, i like crabs), and a side of sweet potato fries (boyfriend ordered the swordfish steak with a side of sweet potato fries too). i was beyond shocked at how large the plates were. and at how many fries they gave us. we each got buckets. BUCKETS, I TELL YA! we ended up splitting one bucket of fries and took the other one home with us. the crab cakes were scrumptious. no filler. all crab. and i got two of them. boyfriend was very jealous!

after this course we were beyond stuffed but we after all, there was dessert. we both ordered the chocolate mousse praline crunch cake which was mediocre (it was the only chocolate option on their prix-fixed menu). i'm not a huge fan of mousse so i wasn't really "wow'ed" by it, but nonetheless, it was a sweet ending to an incredible meal. the best part? all of this food only cost us each $30 (not including the wine). oh and we couldn't help but admire their huge raw bar at the entrance. we hear they have an amazing sushi bar too so we will definitely be going back to passionfish!

i definitely recommend going out during restaurant week especially if you are looking to try out a new place, without emptying your wallet.

i know this isn't what i normally write about so thanks for reading (if you've even made it this far!!)

do you guys take advantage of restaurant week?
any new places you've enjoyed recently?


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