Wednesday, September 12, 2012

what i wore...not to a wine festival.

it was a gorgeous saturday morning. i was printing off my ticket to the maryland beer and wine festival and packing a bag stuffed with a blanket, rain boots (just in case), snacks, and sunscreen. i checked the weather one last time and it still read 50% chance of thunderstorms. i prayed hard for the those storms to back off - i was looking forward to this day too much for it to be ruined.

i wanted to be comfortable at the park. i knew we'd be sitting down on a blanket for 6 hours and a dress would be too revealing. especially once wine got involved. i opted for my floral shorts (they sometimes tease the eye into thinking it's a skirt), a simple black tank, and my always reliable mustard cardigan. my idea of a perfect sitting-in-the-grass-at-a-wine-festival outfit.

i waited on the couch for my friend to call me to tell me she was on her way. 30 minutes passed and i noticed a huge storm cloud out my window. "oh no you don't", i thought to myself. i was having a GREAT hair day and i was totally digging my outfit. "i spent way too much time doing my hair for nobody to see this". 

(editor's note: i probably blow dry and straighten my hair once or twice a month. it takes too damn long!)

when my friend arrived we were having doubts. it was already drizzling. we called our other friend who lives in maryland close to where the festival was being held and she told us it was storming and that it didn't look like it was giving up any time soon. my friend and i let out a big sigh, hung up, and sat back on the couch. "no wine festival today," we said. 

my typical self would have changed right out of my clothes and in to some comfy sweatpants and called it a day. instead, my inner girly girl told myself to get up off the couch and show the world my sitting-in-the-grass-at-a-wine-festival outfit. so that's what we did. i told my friend that rain or shine we were still going to have ourselves an afternoon of drinking beer and wine...just inside.

we got in the car, drove to the closest bar, and stayed until 2am. not so much wine was had, but there was definitely a lot of beer. and some pickle shots.


 cardigan {urban outfitters}
tank {express}
shorts {target}
sandals {nine west}
necklace {dream weaver}

was there ever a time when you got ready to go to an event, it got cancelled, and then you were bummed that no one would see your perfectly done hair and cute outfit? 

or am i just the crazy one?


Allie said...

Awww such a bummer! I had that happen over the summer WHILE we were walking to the beer fest! We ducked into a local pub until it passed and then continued on to drinking more beer! Glad you at least made it to a bar! Love your outfit and I agree, it's too cute to NOT show anyone! xx, Allie

jackie said...

you look adorable, so I don't blame you at all for still wanting to show off that outfit. the cardigan looks super comfy.

and pickle shots? gross.

Kristin W said...

Such a cute outfit! It's the WORST when a good outfit gets wasted...

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