Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i'll be there for you.

if you're a huge friends fan
like me
then you'll appreciate this.

i always wanted an apartment like monica and rachel's.
they got the mismatched furniture thing down right, even in the early 90's.

one of my favorite episodes is when monica and rachel lose a bet and have to switch apartments with joey and chandler.
(rachel: he's a transponster!!! monica: that's not even a word!) 
and joey and chandler ride in on their white stationary horse. 

friends is my favorite tv show of all time.
i can watch it every day,
and recite almost every line.
(it's not annoying or anything to those i watch it with)
good thing i own every season (plus the best of friends) on dvd
because if tbs ever decides to stop airing reruns,
i can still let friends live on!

what's your favorite tv show?

Monday, January 28, 2013


i love award shows.

i spend two hours watching live from the red carpet
"oohing" and "ahhing" at all the fashion,
wishing i was cool enough to wearing the clothes.

the sag awards was on this past weekend
and there was just so much fabulosity 
(who even says that?)
that i had to post about my best dressed list.

amanda seyfried in zac posen.
the necklace is gorgeous but it would have been better on another dress.
i'm loving her hair and make-up!

jessica chastain in alexander mcqueen.
she totally redeemed herself from the golden globes.

jennifer lawrence in dior. 
did anyone else see what she did on the enews mani cam?
i want to be her friend.

busy phillips - hot mama!
how amazing does her baby bump look in that dress?
i love everything about this look.

naomi watts in marchesa. 
she can do no wrong in my book.
(p.s. have you seen the impossible? holy moly, it's such an emotional ride)

michelle dockery did the side boob right.
her make-up and hair was perfection.
AnD i gotta support my downton abbey peeps!

giuliana rancic in max azria. 
love this color blue on her.

i'm obsessed with her and everything she wears.
i think she rocked this vintage dress. 
the tulle and length make it fun yet the neckline and color make it classy.

jaimie alexander. she's dating hunky peter facinelli
and she is gooooorgeous. that neckline is so risky
yet she pulls it off.
and, i want her body.

i adore kiernan shipka.
she is such a little bia on mad men, which is one of the reasons why i love her.
this dress is perfect for her age. considering she's only 14!
i wish i wore oscar de la renta at that age. 

julie bowen is usually a hit or miss in my book
but i think she hit it with this gorgeous gown.
she's glowing. and those embellished shoulders is just the right amount of sparkle.

i mean. c'mon. she needs no explanation.

nina dobrev in elie saab.
i think this was my favorite look of the night.
i sort of want to be her 
not only because she's dating the most gorgeous man on the planet,
but she always has the best style.

did you watch the sag awards?
who were your best dressed of the night?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

whole 30 - day 14.

technically i'm on day 17 
but i forgot to blog about it earlier in the week.

i'm just going to jump right in and say that
the second week was rough.
extremely challenging.
i had a ton of cravings, 
weird food dreams,
and cranky with life in general.

i've been keeping a daily diary of what i eat and how i feel.
this diary definitely helped me push through the  week two challenges.
i made sure to look back on my good days in week one
and told myself to keep going
and that i'm doing something really good here.

now looking back on my second week, i'm so very proud of myself.
i feel like the old erica would have quit and cave in to her cravings. 

now that i'm over that second week hump
i can definitely feel my body changing again.

here's my week two recap:

my sleep pattern fluctuated. i had two nights where i slept through the entire night (!) but the other nights i got up once. still better than pre-whole30 though :)

everything seemed unsatisfying. i always felt hungry after lunch and kept wanting to snack throughout the day. even though i held back as much as i could, i just felt myself wanting MORE. i had two nights where i sort of lost my appetite because the steak i was eating was just so, blah. i wanted potatoes with that steak. i wanted noodles, i wanted MORE!
my mom also spent the weekend with us where we went wedding dress shopping (more on that later!) and i made sure to pack friendly snacks with me. but we stopped at dunkin donuts to get her coffee and.those.donuts....zomg. i was not a happy camper after leaving that place. 
we also went to a bridal expo that had a handful of cake vendors giving away huge samples. i'm proud to say that i did not try one single sample (i had my mom be the taste tester), but again, i was not a happy camper after leaving that expo. i really wanted that damn cake!

ZERO HEADACHES...hallelujah!
i can't even begin to tell you how many weekly headaches i used to get. this is one huge change to my body that i've noticed since doing whole30 and it is amazing.

my energy levels were all over the place. i would wake up feeling great but around lunch time i wanted a big, juicy nap and then it was pretty much downhill. i felt a bit more sluggish at dinner time and just cranky. i tried keeping my spirits up and got active by going to the gym at lunch which boosted my energy a little bit...but i was still cranky!

below is a delicious meal we had while my mom was staying with us.

prosciutto stuffed chicken with steamed broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes

 here's to week 3!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

let's take a trip.

the boy and i are going to new orleans in march
for a weekend escape!

we received a flight voucher last september from a trip gone bad
(just our plane catching on fire at 30,000 ft - no big deal.)
and had to redeem it by this september.
with a fall wedding now in the works
funds are tight and summer weekends are starting to book up
so we wanted to look at a trip that would be fun in the winter/spring
and easy on the wallet.

i've only heard amazing things about new orleans.
the food, the music, the people,
it sounds so rich in cultural
that it has been on my travel list for many years.

we'll be there for 3 nights.
some say this too long
and others say it's just enough time.
i guess we'll find out for ourselves.
we got a great deal on a hotel that's in the french quarter,
so i'm looking forward to eating our way through the city
(think beignets at cafe du monde, trying crawfish, and drinking a hurricane or two)
and pouring ourselves into the local jazz and bar scene.

have you ever been to NOLA?
if you have any recommendations on things to do/see, let me know!

Monday, January 21, 2013


these pictures put a smile on my face.

my best friend's wedding in Philadelphia - November 3

a quick business trip to dallas, tx

friday night scrabble with my love.
i clearly had the worst tiles.

getting back into a gym routine with my new neon kicks and shorts.

happy monday!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

anything could happen.

can't help but dance around my living room every time i hear this song.

am i right?

p.s. i'm going to try on wedding dresses for the first time this weekend. 
i hope i find the one!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

whole30 - day 7.

it's day 7 on whole 30
and i've got to admit, i feel pretty amazing.

i've never really paid close attention to what i eat may actually attribute to how i'm feeling that day.
but the boy and i went into this as a team, with open minds and loads of enthusiasm
and we've been learning so much about food and ingredients
and how to properly give our bodies the nutrients it needs.
it's a huge eye-opener.  
there have been some struggles, but good struggles. 
and we can already feel our bodies change, and for the better.  

a few thoughts on my first week:

on night 1 i slept through the ENTIRE night! i can't remember the last time i did this. since then i've been getting up once, usually around 4am to go to the bathroom (i've been drinking a ton of water), but before whole30 i would get up between 1-3 times. so some progress?

our three meals a day have been extremely satisfying and i haven't been hungry in between meals. i sometimes find myself itching for an after-dinner snack, but i think it's out of habit. i would usually go for a little bit of chocolate, or fro-yo - anything sweet. 7 days in and i already notice a change in what i look for - like whole cashews or carrots. UM, WHAT?! 
although, yesterday i really wanted a slice of delicious cheesecake or some fro-yo from sweet green, but i held it together and grabbed a few sticks of carrots...and guess what? i was satisfied. i'm sure these sort of cravings will continue, even for another week (read here), but i'm happy that i'm learning how to feed my body the right type of snacks when i want them.

on day 4 i had a pretty wretched headache from the moment i woke up. by the time i ate dinner it was gone.
i read that this is normal. my body is not used to this type of clean eating for 7 days straight so headaches will occur, especially within the first week. i haven't had another one since so i'm happy about that.

on day 2 i saw a change in my energy level. i woke up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to conquer the day. around day 5 (and i'm still feeling it), there's been a bit of a drop. i wake up feeling groggy and looking to take a cat nap around 2pm. again, read that this is normal so i'm not too concerned. 

below are just a few meals we've been enjoying.
here's to week 2!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

wild-caught salmon.

i'm on day three in whole30
and so far so good.
i've been sleeping through the entire night 
which never really happens.
i like to think how i've been eating has been playing a part in that,
but it could also be because i've been so busy and exhausted from work.

only time will tell.

on day one we made a delicious dinner 
with wild-caught salmon, a beautiful heirloom tomato and avocado.

we cooked our salmon for about three minutes and then flipped it over to cook for another 5 minutes. 
we then added a little bit of vinegar and it was deeeeeeeeelish.

this weekend we're going to research some fun and different recipes  -
i've got my eye on this one and this one.
andddd i'm really excited about it.

what about you? 
do you have any fun weekend plans that you're excited about?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

in this together.

today begins our journey of the whole30
i'm excited, nervous, scared, intimated.
the fiance and i have been doing our researching and talking to people who have done it (and LOVED it)
so i'm hopeful that we'll have a good, life-changing experience.

i know i wouldn't be able to do this without my partner in crime.
we're in this together.
i mean, it only makes sense
considering we live together and we don't go out to eat a lot because we he cooks almost every night,
i don't feel like it'll be a major shift in routine.
but i'm very aware that this isn't going to be a walk in the park.
so to help give me that extra push and accountability,
i'm going to document my 30 day journey here on this little bloggie. 

i promise myself to be completely honest in my choices, to be honest about any struggles i may encounter, and to be honest about my overall feelings of the program. 
the good, the bad, the ugly...whatever!
it's about to go down.


Monday, January 7, 2013

on high school reunions.

my 10 year high school reunion is coming up this summer - YIKES! - and i'm not sure how i feel about it.

 in college my high school friends and i would always talk about what we would do once our high school reunion would come up. 
would we attend? would we not? would we even be alive (hello, mayans)?

growing up i'd say i was a pretty social kid. i was in tap dance from age 3 to 16, belonged to multiple sports clubs like baseball, softball, and was a hurdler on the high school track team. one of my nicknames was "gypsy" because i never liked staying home - i was always on the go and always wanting to spend time with my friends. but i feel that's how it is for a lot of teenagers, especially in high school.

i had my fair share of boyfriends - my first boyfriend was when i was in middle school and we were on and off until junior year (typical). then i dated someone my senior year and had a terrible break-up right before we graduated. we tried to reconnect my freshman year of college but the long distance was unrealistic. i went to college with 15 of my graduating classmates and now i keep in touch with zero of them. we all met other people, we've all grown up, and we've all done our own thing - respectively. 

i still keep in touch with my core group of girlfriends from high school, though. all three of them are my bridesmaids in my wedding this fall and i am extremely grateful for their friendship and loyalty. 
but as i start to think about this impending reunion, i question it anddddd get a little bit of anxiety. do i really want to see these people i lost touch with?  

with so much social media these days like twitter, facebook and linkedin i feel like i am already connected with those i somewhat had a relationship with in high school. so part of me feels like - what's the point in the reunion? if you're on these social media channels than you have a pretty good sense of what people have been up to for the past 10 years, right? either you're married, have a baby, divorced, in grad school, a big time executive, single, etc. 

would it be nice to see some of these people in person. sure! of course! why not!? the social kid inside me wants to be the first one to RSVP and chat it up for three hours. but the adult, anxious, realistic person inside of me says that there will still be those "high school cliques" and awkward conversations with people you haven't seen, but instead just stalk on facebook.

my girls from high school - these girls have been with me through it all!
this picture is us from this past halloween in atlantic city, nj.
it was taylor's bachelorette party (second girl from the left)

wine tasting in northern virginia, march 2012.

so, how do you feel about high school reunions?
have you been to one or did you skip out?
do you plan or not plan to go to yours in the future?

Thursday, January 3, 2013


i'm sitting in a hotel bed right now
in dallas, texas
watching conan.
i'm here for a work training until friday but just couldn't contain my excitement.
so i thought i'd pop in for a quick hello - (hello!)
and let you all know that i'm full of giddiness because we have found our venue,
and we have picked a date,
and we chose a photographer!

everything is starting to come to life and i am SO EXCITED!

it's 2013...and this is the year i marry my best friend.

One of the many beautiful quotes from Pride and Prejudice

okay, mushy rant over.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

what are your resolutions? mine are simple this year - take better care of my health and be more present in the moment.

cheers to a healthy and fabulous 2013.


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