Monday, January 7, 2013

on high school reunions.

my 10 year high school reunion is coming up this summer - YIKES! - and i'm not sure how i feel about it.

 in college my high school friends and i would always talk about what we would do once our high school reunion would come up. 
would we attend? would we not? would we even be alive (hello, mayans)?

growing up i'd say i was a pretty social kid. i was in tap dance from age 3 to 16, belonged to multiple sports clubs like baseball, softball, and was a hurdler on the high school track team. one of my nicknames was "gypsy" because i never liked staying home - i was always on the go and always wanting to spend time with my friends. but i feel that's how it is for a lot of teenagers, especially in high school.

i had my fair share of boyfriends - my first boyfriend was when i was in middle school and we were on and off until junior year (typical). then i dated someone my senior year and had a terrible break-up right before we graduated. we tried to reconnect my freshman year of college but the long distance was unrealistic. i went to college with 15 of my graduating classmates and now i keep in touch with zero of them. we all met other people, we've all grown up, and we've all done our own thing - respectively. 

i still keep in touch with my core group of girlfriends from high school, though. all three of them are my bridesmaids in my wedding this fall and i am extremely grateful for their friendship and loyalty. 
but as i start to think about this impending reunion, i question it anddddd get a little bit of anxiety. do i really want to see these people i lost touch with?  

with so much social media these days like twitter, facebook and linkedin i feel like i am already connected with those i somewhat had a relationship with in high school. so part of me feels like - what's the point in the reunion? if you're on these social media channels than you have a pretty good sense of what people have been up to for the past 10 years, right? either you're married, have a baby, divorced, in grad school, a big time executive, single, etc. 

would it be nice to see some of these people in person. sure! of course! why not!? the social kid inside me wants to be the first one to RSVP and chat it up for three hours. but the adult, anxious, realistic person inside of me says that there will still be those "high school cliques" and awkward conversations with people you haven't seen, but instead just stalk on facebook.

my girls from high school - these girls have been with me through it all!
this picture is us from this past halloween in atlantic city, nj.
it was taylor's bachelorette party (second girl from the left)

wine tasting in northern virginia, march 2012.

so, how do you feel about high school reunions?
have you been to one or did you skip out?
do you plan or not plan to go to yours in the future?


Holly said...

I passed on my high school reunion. My best girlfriends from high school have moved away & weren't going to be attending, so I didn't really want to either. I did hear through fb (of course), that the reunion ended up being just like HS... with the cliques and what not - I really didn't feel like I missed out at all. I still talk to the people that I remained friends with so that's good enough for me!

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