Thursday, January 24, 2013

whole 30 - day 14.

technically i'm on day 17 
but i forgot to blog about it earlier in the week.

i'm just going to jump right in and say that
the second week was rough.
extremely challenging.
i had a ton of cravings, 
weird food dreams,
and cranky with life in general.

i've been keeping a daily diary of what i eat and how i feel.
this diary definitely helped me push through the  week two challenges.
i made sure to look back on my good days in week one
and told myself to keep going
and that i'm doing something really good here.

now looking back on my second week, i'm so very proud of myself.
i feel like the old erica would have quit and cave in to her cravings. 

now that i'm over that second week hump
i can definitely feel my body changing again.

here's my week two recap:

my sleep pattern fluctuated. i had two nights where i slept through the entire night (!) but the other nights i got up once. still better than pre-whole30 though :)

everything seemed unsatisfying. i always felt hungry after lunch and kept wanting to snack throughout the day. even though i held back as much as i could, i just felt myself wanting MORE. i had two nights where i sort of lost my appetite because the steak i was eating was just so, blah. i wanted potatoes with that steak. i wanted noodles, i wanted MORE!
my mom also spent the weekend with us where we went wedding dress shopping (more on that later!) and i made sure to pack friendly snacks with me. but we stopped at dunkin donuts to get her coffee and.those.donuts....zomg. i was not a happy camper after leaving that place. 
we also went to a bridal expo that had a handful of cake vendors giving away huge samples. i'm proud to say that i did not try one single sample (i had my mom be the taste tester), but again, i was not a happy camper after leaving that expo. i really wanted that damn cake!

ZERO HEADACHES...hallelujah!
i can't even begin to tell you how many weekly headaches i used to get. this is one huge change to my body that i've noticed since doing whole30 and it is amazing.

my energy levels were all over the place. i would wake up feeling great but around lunch time i wanted a big, juicy nap and then it was pretty much downhill. i felt a bit more sluggish at dinner time and just cranky. i tried keeping my spirits up and got active by going to the gym at lunch which boosted my energy a little bit...but i was still cranky!

below is a delicious meal we had while my mom was staying with us.

prosciutto stuffed chicken with steamed broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes

 here's to week 3!


Susan said...

very proud of you..keep it up!

M. Flynn said...

You're doing so well! It's so exciting!

whitney said...

i'm so proud!! keep it up. it's worth it!


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