Tuesday, January 15, 2013

whole30 - day 7.

it's day 7 on whole 30
and i've got to admit, i feel pretty amazing.

i've never really paid close attention to what i eat may actually attribute to how i'm feeling that day.
but the boy and i went into this as a team, with open minds and loads of enthusiasm
and we've been learning so much about food and ingredients
and how to properly give our bodies the nutrients it needs.
it's a huge eye-opener.  
there have been some struggles, but good struggles. 
and we can already feel our bodies change, and for the better.  

a few thoughts on my first week:

on night 1 i slept through the ENTIRE night! i can't remember the last time i did this. since then i've been getting up once, usually around 4am to go to the bathroom (i've been drinking a ton of water), but before whole30 i would get up between 1-3 times. so some progress?

our three meals a day have been extremely satisfying and i haven't been hungry in between meals. i sometimes find myself itching for an after-dinner snack, but i think it's out of habit. i would usually go for a little bit of chocolate, or fro-yo - anything sweet. 7 days in and i already notice a change in what i look for - like whole cashews or carrots. UM, WHAT?! 
although, yesterday i really wanted a slice of delicious cheesecake or some fro-yo from sweet green, but i held it together and grabbed a few sticks of carrots...and guess what? i was satisfied. i'm sure these sort of cravings will continue, even for another week (read here), but i'm happy that i'm learning how to feed my body the right type of snacks when i want them.

on day 4 i had a pretty wretched headache from the moment i woke up. by the time i ate dinner it was gone.
i read that this is normal. my body is not used to this type of clean eating for 7 days straight so headaches will occur, especially within the first week. i haven't had another one since so i'm happy about that.

on day 2 i saw a change in my energy level. i woke up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to conquer the day. around day 5 (and i'm still feeling it), there's been a bit of a drop. i wake up feeling groggy and looking to take a cat nap around 2pm. again, read that this is normal so i'm not too concerned. 

below are just a few meals we've been enjoying.
here's to week 2!


Mo (New on U) said...

I'm loving doing the Paleo thing right now. Admittedly, I don't love it all the time, but what I DO love is how many new recipes we are trying! We are making things we would have never in a million years made before. It's good stuff! ( I do miss pizza though. Like whoa )

B said...

thats so great it is going well for you! those dishes look amazing!!


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