Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"i do" wednesday.

we hit a big hurdle
a few weeks ago regarding our ceremony.
we had plans to hold it in a catholic church
but because my church is 45 minutes away from the venue
we decided to pick one that was much closer.
long story short...
it ended up not working out.

so now we're having it at the venue
which is actually what we initially wanted to do.
so it ended up being okay,
GREAT even.

so we'll hold it outside
on the patio
which is beautiful.
but if it rains it'll be in the ballroom
i'm terrified of it raining on my wedding day.
the whole good luck thing?
yeah, i don't care.
i'm already having extreme anxiety about this
so i can't imagine how i'll be the week leading up.
so let's all pray for good weather, ya?

because the patio
is surrounded by trees
(and in the fall it will be all the more beautiful - fall foliage, yay!)
i'm imagining a more natural and minimalistic look.
if it's inside
then we'll have to spruce it up a bit more. 

here is some of my inspiration for either an outdoor or indoor ceremony:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
i could do without all the rose petals

Pinned Image
my favorite indoor look
baby's breath outlining a clean aisle runner.
could also translate outside, i think.

Stunning indoor ceremony - white flowers and candles
bringing the outdoors inside!
and i'm obsessed with the candles.
how romantic!

Pinned Image
simple and beautiful!

did it rain on your wedding day?
did you obsess about it?

Monday, February 25, 2013


i know i've said this before
but i'm lucky to have a man who can cook.

i'm talkin like reallllly cook.

the kitchen is his domain
and the couch is mine.

just kidding.

he's really lucky to have a woman
who can bake.

he cooks.
i bake.
we balance each other out.
or something.

i''m also lucky to have a man who 
lived in china for a year
and knows how to make real chinese food.

so to celebrate the chinese new year 
a few weeks ago
we indulged in some homemade 
cashew chicken with cucumber salad.

seriously, you guys.
this stuff is better
than any chinese restaurant out there.
but i may be a little biased 

if you don't own a wok
then i feel sorry for you.

(happy new year!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"i do" wednesday.

wanted to share a few of our favorite 
engagement photos from last weekend.

it was hard to pick only one for our save the dates -
my brother did such a great job
and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful (but cold) day!

Monday, February 18, 2013


1. valentine's dinner at mon ami gabi and 
channeling my inner"parisian" style.
(jeans here; sweater here; necklace here)
2. when you love someone, you join them at a comic book store.
3. he did a good job. 
4. completing our registry!
5. almond butter chocolate chip cupcakes, a fancy cigar, and our engagement bottle of wine. i'm such a good fiance.

a peek into my last week/weekend.

what did you do?

Friday, February 15, 2013

friday find.

i was watching the own network 
(don't judge)
and drew barrymore was talking about her new cosmetics line, flower.

i was drawn to how passionate she was when describing the line
and her involvement throughout the entire developmental process.

after 5 years of being the face of covergirl,
she decided to part ways and start her own line.
what i especially liked 
was when she said that she wanted to make a line custom-formulated 
with the same ingredients used in luxury make-up
at an affordable price.

as someone who does not own/wear/is knowledgeable about much make-up,
i do not like to splurge.
so when i found out her line would only be sold at wal-mart,
part of me was like "yay! it really will be affordable!"
but then the other part of me said, "wal-mart? really? ick. i can't remember the last time i stepped foot in one."

a few days later i just so happened to find myself near one
and decided to go see what this line is all about.

i was disappointed to find only a small stand
holding nail polish and a handful of lip stains.
(i just found out that stores will stock-up on more products this month)

because i have 10007484 tubes of lip gloss,
i decided to pick up some polish
specifically a lavender color called 'i lavendare you'.
for a whopping $4.98 per bottle, i was going to snag a few more
(loved all the colors!)
but didn't want a handful of these polishes sitting at home if they ended up sucking.

the polish came on extremely smooth,
i loved the color
and i only needed 2 coats. 
the best part?
it lasted 7 days before any chipping!!

i am definitely going to go back
and stock up on a few more polishes.
i'd like to try some of her other products,
like the mascara, kiss stick lip color, and creme blush.

have you tried anything from drew barrymore's line, flower?
if so, thoughts?

7 days later...
(added some bling for ya!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"i do" wednesday.

with the wedding 8 months away
i thought i'd start sharing a bit more of the wedding planning with you all.
because i know that's what you all want to read about!!!
other than one recent problem with the ceremony
the overall process has been really fun and stress-free. 

we took pictures for our save the dates over the weekend
and i can't wait to see the finished product!
my brother was the one who took the pictures
and he did an amazing job!
(we opted to forgo a professional engagement session with our photographer
and instead we're going to tack on additional hours to our wedding day)

we went to bears den overlook,
which is where the boy and i hiked on the morning of our engagement.
it holds a special place in our hearts.
snow still lingered on the trees and ground from the storm two days prior
which added a lovely touch to our surroundings. 
we also went early enough so that we were the only ones there
which made it wayyyyy less awkward.

our save the dates will be postcards
and i hope to get them out next month.
some say this is too early 
but i tell them they don't know anything.
the majority of my family will be traveling from NJ
and i want them to have as much time as possible to plan for the trip.

here are some of my favorite
save the date postcards
on pinterest.

if married, how early did you send out your save the dates?
what were they like?!

Monday, February 11, 2013

whole30 thoughts.

i'm officially done with whole30
and it's true what they say...
it changed my life.

the last week was amazing
i started to notice huge changes to my mind and body.

a few thoughts on week 4:
started sleeping through the entire night,
noticed minimal back/neck pain (this is HUGE!!!)
and had a lot more energy at the gym.

i did get a small case of hives on day 22. 
i went to the doctors and found out they were from
my abundance of berry intake from the last month.
who knew?
apparently it's pretty common??
and strawberries can do that to you 
especially if you weren't eating a lot of them
and then all of a sudden started adding them to your diet.
no biggie.
i took some medicine, stopped eating strawberries for 5 days, and the hives disappeared.
i can still eat them,
just not every day :)

my skin has never, EVER been this clear.
and same with my mind.
it doesn't feel fuzzy late at night 
or when i wake up in the morning.
oh. and i lost 10 lbs!

i feel more confident then ever.
i even wore my skinny-skinny jeans over the weekend
the ones that i haven't been able to fit in since 2007.
(i was going to the gym 3-4 times per week during whole30 but sticking to light weight training/cardio)

i didn't start this journey for the weight loss though.
i did it because of my headaches and back/neck pain.
the weight loss was just an added bonus
especially with a wedding in 8 months :)
i still haven't had a single headache
and noticing a change in how my neck and back feel
is just the icing on the cake!

now that whole30 is over
we are going to transition to an 80/20 lifestyle
and see how that works for us.
80% of the time we will continue eating whole30/paleo
and the 20% allows us to be open to other foods 
that are not necessarily whole30/paleo friendly.

my new obsession!
i stocked up at trader joe's this weekend

thanks for letting me share my 
30 day journey with you all!

Friday, February 8, 2013

friday find.

check out the paperman,
a full animated short film by disney.

it's sweet
and a perfect little video to jump start your weekend.

we're going out to dinner with friends tonight in dc to one of our favorite restaurants, georgia brown's
and tomorrow we are taking pictures for our save-the-dates (!)


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

spring 2013.

i've been a lauren conrad fan ever since the laguna beach days.
and then i followed her to the hills.
and was sooo disappointed when mtv pulled her show in 2011
(which was going to follow her during the creation of her paper crown line).

i'm a huge fan of her blog,
her style,
her hair,
her lc lauren conrad line at kohl's.

basically, i want to be her.

so of course when she wrote about her spring 2013 collection
hitting kohl's shelves in february
i squealed with excitement.
i love every single piece.
but if the boy and i didn't agree to pinch our pennies for this little shin-dig of a wedding we're having in october,
i would go out and buy the entire line.
{side eye, fiance}
so for now i will just have to daydream about these colorful and girly pieces.
unless i find something for the wedding festivities, right?
i mean i am having two bridal showers, 
a bachelorette party,
annnnd a rehearsal dinner.

here are a few of my favorite looks:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a different kind of spread.

i am not one for the super bowl
but i love me a good reason to chow down on some tasty snacks,
critiquing the commercials
and flipping back and forth to the puppy bowl (!)

this year we prepared a different kind of super bowl spread.
the entire feast was whole30 approved
and completely delicious.
i'd be lying if i said i didn't miss the idea of having a bowl of doritos,
nachos, hot wings, pizza, etc. flooding the kitchen table
but i reallllly didn't miss feeling sick, bloated and lethargic afterwards!

we started with a delicious appetizer spread
of veggies, almonds and fruit
accompanied by a cup of our homemade paleo mayo!
we seasoned it with a tad of old bay and it was SO GOOD!

our second course: sauteed prawns with more old bay
 this was prepared by my amazing fiance.
seriously, that man can cook.
(he was rooting for the ravens, hence the old bay :)

and then our main dish 
was none other than some fabulous chili.

we were stuffed to the max.

did you watch the game/beyonce concert?
what did you eat during it all?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

whole 30 - day 21.

i'm really bad at keeping up with my #whole30 recap posts.
i'm almost done with week 4. 
in 2 days to be exact.
but i need to talk about week 3 
because it's true what they say, people!
i saw/felt significant changes 
to my body.

clothes started fitting better
my energy was much higher than last week
i'm still not a morning person, 
but i'm getting better!!
i actually open my eyes to say bye to the boy when he leaves for work.
huge moment right there.

i did have a major slip though
and was SO disappointed in myself.
let me explain.

a couple months ago we planned a trip to richmond 
to visit friends and see some live music
for the weekend of january 25.
when planning our whole30, 
we thought to maybe wait until we got back from richmond -
becauseeeee letsbehonest...
you don't do the best things to your body when in richmond and listening to some live music.
but we decided to start the whole30 as planned
and to just see how we felt when we got there.
we agreed to stick as close to the plan as possible
and if we drank or ate something that wasn't whole30 approved,
it wouldn't mean we were done or that everything we had been doing for the last couple of weeks was for nothing.
we would KEEP GOING!

so fast forward to last weekend.
i packed plenty of snacks
made sure to check the dinner menu beforehand :)
and told myself to not stress {too much} about it.
i ended up ordering a delicious balsamic portabella mushroom veggie dish
but drank my face off in red wine.
(at least it was red wine, rightttttt?)

the next morning i felt really guilty
and plenty of hungover.
i was soooo disappointed in myself
but i remembered what the boy and i agreed on, 
we would KEEP GOING!

even though i slipped
i had such a great time.
i love richmond so much
and i love visiting our friends.
and the music was pretty awesome.

a few extra thoughts on my third week:

i slept so much better this week.
i still woke up a few times but when i did, i instantly fell back to sleep.
i slept a lot more soundly and felt more refreshed in the mornings.
this is still a huge improvement!

we experimented a bit more this week!
and by experimented i mean using the crockpot...
i made a delicious chili! 
and the best part about it was the leftovers.
i had it for lunch several times during the week and it was perfect.
especially since it got done to freezing temps and we even got some snow! 

besides the hangover headache that lasted ALL DAY SUNDAY (grrr....)
still had zero :)
i'm still in shock over this.

like i said earlier,
my energy levels increased tremendously this week.
week 2 was a bit hard - it was very up and down.
but this week i noticed a change when i woke up
and even wanted to go to the gym every day!
great success!

chili recipe adapted from here

pork chops with sweet potato mash and steamed green beans.
very filling!

umphrey's mcgee

i can't believe my whole30 is coming to an end in a few short days!
can't wait to recap the last week

Friday, February 1, 2013

friday humor.

every time we hear this song on the radio
we laugh uncontrollably.
it's so ridiculous. and so awesome.
(you might have to open it up in youtube)

i can't believe it's already february. 
the last month flew by,
before we know it we're going to be in new orleans!
and then it's going to be summer!!
and then the wedding!!!

we have a few birthday parties to attend this weekend
it's going to be difficult to not eat the cake
but i'm sure we'll manage.

i hope to catch up on a few things around the house this weekend,
research some wedding dj's,
and watch most of my dvr.

what are your plans this weekend?


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