Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a different kind of spread.

i am not one for the super bowl
but i love me a good reason to chow down on some tasty snacks,
critiquing the commercials
and flipping back and forth to the puppy bowl (!)

this year we prepared a different kind of super bowl spread.
the entire feast was whole30 approved
and completely delicious.
i'd be lying if i said i didn't miss the idea of having a bowl of doritos,
nachos, hot wings, pizza, etc. flooding the kitchen table
but i reallllly didn't miss feeling sick, bloated and lethargic afterwards!

we started with a delicious appetizer spread
of veggies, almonds and fruit
accompanied by a cup of our homemade paleo mayo!
we seasoned it with a tad of old bay and it was SO GOOD!

our second course: sauteed prawns with more old bay
 this was prepared by my amazing fiance.
seriously, that man can cook.
(he was rooting for the ravens, hence the old bay :)

and then our main dish 
was none other than some fabulous chili.

we were stuffed to the max.

did you watch the game/beyonce concert?
what did you eat during it all?


jackie said...

you have some serious dedication to eat all this during the Superbowl- the busiest day of the year for pizza shops. I'm impressed.

B said...

those prawns look great! good for you guys for sticking with it even during superbowl. I ate tons of stuff- pigs in a blanket, pizza and chips with black bean dip. i was def hurting later tho!!! i LOVED beyonce's performance. she was UNREAL.


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