Monday, February 25, 2013


i know i've said this before
but i'm lucky to have a man who can cook.

i'm talkin like reallllly cook.

the kitchen is his domain
and the couch is mine.

just kidding.

he's really lucky to have a woman
who can bake.

he cooks.
i bake.
we balance each other out.
or something.

i''m also lucky to have a man who 
lived in china for a year
and knows how to make real chinese food.

so to celebrate the chinese new year 
a few weeks ago
we indulged in some homemade 
cashew chicken with cucumber salad.

seriously, you guys.
this stuff is better
than any chinese restaurant out there.
but i may be a little biased 

if you don't own a wok
then i feel sorry for you.

(happy new year!)


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