Friday, February 15, 2013

friday find.

i was watching the own network 
(don't judge)
and drew barrymore was talking about her new cosmetics line, flower.

i was drawn to how passionate she was when describing the line
and her involvement throughout the entire developmental process.

after 5 years of being the face of covergirl,
she decided to part ways and start her own line.
what i especially liked 
was when she said that she wanted to make a line custom-formulated 
with the same ingredients used in luxury make-up
at an affordable price.

as someone who does not own/wear/is knowledgeable about much make-up,
i do not like to splurge.
so when i found out her line would only be sold at wal-mart,
part of me was like "yay! it really will be affordable!"
but then the other part of me said, "wal-mart? really? ick. i can't remember the last time i stepped foot in one."

a few days later i just so happened to find myself near one
and decided to go see what this line is all about.

i was disappointed to find only a small stand
holding nail polish and a handful of lip stains.
(i just found out that stores will stock-up on more products this month)

because i have 10007484 tubes of lip gloss,
i decided to pick up some polish
specifically a lavender color called 'i lavendare you'.
for a whopping $4.98 per bottle, i was going to snag a few more
(loved all the colors!)
but didn't want a handful of these polishes sitting at home if they ended up sucking.

the polish came on extremely smooth,
i loved the color
and i only needed 2 coats. 
the best part?
it lasted 7 days before any chipping!!

i am definitely going to go back
and stock up on a few more polishes.
i'd like to try some of her other products,
like the mascara, kiss stick lip color, and creme blush.

have you tried anything from drew barrymore's line, flower?
if so, thoughts?

7 days later...
(added some bling for ya!)


Mo (New on U) said...

I like the color (and the bling!) - very springy!

lil desiqua said...

Gorgeous color! I'm always in search of nail polish with some staying power- will definitely be checking out her line! (Also, beautiful bling!!)

B said...

i had never heard of this, but im def interested now! thanks for sharing!

Julie // Bound said...

I'm glad you liked it! I really wanted to try her line too, but I had the same "Walmart?!?" reaction, haha.


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