Sunday, February 3, 2013

whole 30 - day 21.

i'm really bad at keeping up with my #whole30 recap posts.
i'm almost done with week 4. 
in 2 days to be exact.
but i need to talk about week 3 
because it's true what they say, people!
i saw/felt significant changes 
to my body.

clothes started fitting better
my energy was much higher than last week
i'm still not a morning person, 
but i'm getting better!!
i actually open my eyes to say bye to the boy when he leaves for work.
huge moment right there.

i did have a major slip though
and was SO disappointed in myself.
let me explain.

a couple months ago we planned a trip to richmond 
to visit friends and see some live music
for the weekend of january 25.
when planning our whole30, 
we thought to maybe wait until we got back from richmond -
becauseeeee letsbehonest...
you don't do the best things to your body when in richmond and listening to some live music.
but we decided to start the whole30 as planned
and to just see how we felt when we got there.
we agreed to stick as close to the plan as possible
and if we drank or ate something that wasn't whole30 approved,
it wouldn't mean we were done or that everything we had been doing for the last couple of weeks was for nothing.
we would KEEP GOING!

so fast forward to last weekend.
i packed plenty of snacks
made sure to check the dinner menu beforehand :)
and told myself to not stress {too much} about it.
i ended up ordering a delicious balsamic portabella mushroom veggie dish
but drank my face off in red wine.
(at least it was red wine, rightttttt?)

the next morning i felt really guilty
and plenty of hungover.
i was soooo disappointed in myself
but i remembered what the boy and i agreed on, 
we would KEEP GOING!

even though i slipped
i had such a great time.
i love richmond so much
and i love visiting our friends.
and the music was pretty awesome.

a few extra thoughts on my third week:

i slept so much better this week.
i still woke up a few times but when i did, i instantly fell back to sleep.
i slept a lot more soundly and felt more refreshed in the mornings.
this is still a huge improvement!

we experimented a bit more this week!
and by experimented i mean using the crockpot...
i made a delicious chili! 
and the best part about it was the leftovers.
i had it for lunch several times during the week and it was perfect.
especially since it got done to freezing temps and we even got some snow! 

besides the hangover headache that lasted ALL DAY SUNDAY (grrr....)
still had zero :)
i'm still in shock over this.

like i said earlier,
my energy levels increased tremendously this week.
week 2 was a bit hard - it was very up and down.
but this week i noticed a change when i woke up
and even wanted to go to the gym every day!
great success!

chili recipe adapted from here

pork chops with sweet potato mash and steamed green beans.
very filling!

umphrey's mcgee

i can't believe my whole30 is coming to an end in a few short days!
can't wait to recap the last week


Lindsay [Elle Elizabeth] said...

I've been seen all these post about whole30 and I have no clue what it's about but everyone is saying they have great results from it. I might have to research this!

smk053078 said...

OK, I have never heard of this whole 30 thing before. I just went to their website and now I am super interested. Thank you so much for sharing and congrats for making it through! Yay for no headaches besides the wine! ;)


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