Monday, February 11, 2013

whole30 thoughts.

i'm officially done with whole30
and it's true what they say...
it changed my life.

the last week was amazing
i started to notice huge changes to my mind and body.

a few thoughts on week 4:
started sleeping through the entire night,
noticed minimal back/neck pain (this is HUGE!!!)
and had a lot more energy at the gym.

i did get a small case of hives on day 22. 
i went to the doctors and found out they were from
my abundance of berry intake from the last month.
who knew?
apparently it's pretty common??
and strawberries can do that to you 
especially if you weren't eating a lot of them
and then all of a sudden started adding them to your diet.
no biggie.
i took some medicine, stopped eating strawberries for 5 days, and the hives disappeared.
i can still eat them,
just not every day :)

my skin has never, EVER been this clear.
and same with my mind.
it doesn't feel fuzzy late at night 
or when i wake up in the morning.
oh. and i lost 10 lbs!

i feel more confident then ever.
i even wore my skinny-skinny jeans over the weekend
the ones that i haven't been able to fit in since 2007.
(i was going to the gym 3-4 times per week during whole30 but sticking to light weight training/cardio)

i didn't start this journey for the weight loss though.
i did it because of my headaches and back/neck pain.
the weight loss was just an added bonus
especially with a wedding in 8 months :)
i still haven't had a single headache
and noticing a change in how my neck and back feel
is just the icing on the cake!

now that whole30 is over
we are going to transition to an 80/20 lifestyle
and see how that works for us.
80% of the time we will continue eating whole30/paleo
and the 20% allows us to be open to other foods 
that are not necessarily whole30/paleo friendly.

my new obsession!
i stocked up at trader joe's this weekend

thanks for letting me share my 
30 day journey with you all!


B said...

wow that is great! good for you for sticking with it the whole time and really getting the whole experience. keep us posted on how the 80/20 goes!

Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

This is awesome to read!!! Good for you... how is life post-whole 30?


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