Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"i do" wednesday - the honeymoon.

we had a fabulous time in new orleans
and i can't wait to tell you all about it!

but on to bigger and more exciting (to me) news.
we have booked our honeymoon(!!!)

for 10 days we'll be exploring the beautiful country

okay i have to brag a little 
about this trip
because we LOVE to travel
and we are so excited to to central america.

it wasn't hard to figure out a destination...
we knew we wanted a place
that had a mix of relaxation
and adventure.
one that was relatively close 
so we wouldn't spend a lot of time on a plane.
(belize is only 2 hours from miami)
and to a place where neither of us have been.

a couple of our friends
have been to belize
and LOVED it.
plus, during our research
we found it to be ranked
as a top honeymoon destination.

there will be 
and cave tubing
for 4 days
while we stay in our very own hut (!!)
overlooking a waterfall in the rainforest.

then we'll make our way 
to the beach 
and stay for 6 days
at a sexy and luxury
beach resort.
there will be
a trip to blue hole,
and saying to ourselves,
"how lucky are we?!"

Friday, March 8, 2013


no friday find for you today.
instead i leave you with
some virtual hugs 
and happy thoughts for the weekend.
enjoy yourself!

tomorrow we leave for new orleans -
a nice little break from reality.
 we can't wait to eat and drink our way through this city.
(thanks holly for your recommendations!)
i'll be back on wednesday
revealing our AMAZING honeymoon destination!!



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"i do" wednesday - the save the date.

i hope to get these bad boys
out the door next week. 

my best friend designed them
and i'm obsessed.

once the save the date's go out
i feel like everything
becomes a bit more real.

we're meeting with the florist later this month
and scheduling time with the baker 
to taste and design the cake -
which i'm most excited about!

happy wednesday!

Monday, March 4, 2013

the last few days.

i've purchased my wedding shoes...

made a trip to paper source to confirm my wedding colors...

had a lazy night catching up on my new favorite tv show, parenthood!

ate a delicious homemade dinner made by my fiance,
mahi mahi with a blood orange glaze.
i mean.

babysat my nieces. 

melts my heart to see the two of them playing.
and rocked this little one to sleep.

happy monday!

Friday, March 1, 2013

friday find.

i always forget that there is a gap 
across the street from our apartment.

i also always forget that the gap
can have some pretty amazing clothes
and deals!

you know i love me a good deal.

a couple weeks ago
i stumbled in to find something sweet 
for the boy.
he got promoted AND it was valentine's day.
so i thought i'd treat him to a few new pieces of clothing.
i love shopping for him.
and he secretly loves it too.

as i was nearing checkout
i glanced over to a rack
and decided to scoop up two of them.
thennnn on my walk back to the register
i came across an amazing jacket
that had to be mine.

the tees were 40% off
and the jacket was 30% off.
it was all meant to be.

i've been wearing the tees non-stop.
in my opinion,
they are so versatile.
i've worn them to sleep, to the gym, to a fancy dinner.
they are soooo soft and soooo comfortable
i might just have to go back 
and grab a few more in grey and mint.

i even paired my pink tee WITH the jacket
last week for date night.
so versatile, you guys!

tee (gap)
elephant jade necklace (old)
jeans (levi's)
boots (payless)

happy march!


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