Monday, April 8, 2013

back on it.

we've been back on whole30 for two weeks now.
new orleans really shook things up...
if you know what i mean.

it's definitely been a lot easier
the second time around
and we've been trying more exciting recipes too!
these dishes are amazing and 
sure to please anyone,
whether you're on whole30 or not!

bunless grass-fed burger
topped with a fried egg, avocado, tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms and onions

zucchini spaghetti and grilled chicken
in a tomato meat sauce
(made with leftover meat from our bunless burgers!)

banana pancakes and egg scramble
(pancakes made with 1 banana, 2 eggs, and 1 tbs. of coconut flour)

cajun shrimp and "grits" 
(aka cauliflower)

chicken curry

for easter brunch, 
my guy made an amazing sweet potato hash
(the leftovers were even better!)
and for dinner one night 
i made the yummy chili again.

what have you cooked up in the kitchen lately?

1 comment:

Nicole Marie said...

i'm trying to eat the cleanest i can here in spain. it's hard when my school feeds me and the only options are white bread and pasta... but i've been loading up on salad and only a tiny bit of pasta


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