Thursday, April 11, 2013

cherry blossoms.

the cherry blossom festival in dc is stressful.
full of tourists, closed roads, and oh - did i mention the tourists?
we've been a bit behind on this whole spring thing 
(even though it's felt like summer all week, hello 85 degree weather, 
i'm so not ready for you)
and the tidal basin has been looking pretty bare,
and the cherry blossoms outside our window
are completely non-existant! 
it was said this past weekend would be
THE weekend for the trees to bloom, so on saturday,
 my arlington bestie and I walked 7 miles, 7 MILES
to see the cherry blossoms.
but when we got to the tidal basin
there was maybe a handful of the bloomed trees.

we made our way to the one cherry blossom 
in the area, snapped some photos
and went on our merry way.
thanks, dc.
at least you gave us some amazing weather.

then on sunday i woke up
and to my surprise
the cherry blossoms outside our building finally bloomed!

i think spring...or finally here.


Sarah S. said...

So pretty! and I can't believe the trees outside your window bloomed overnight.

B said...

how beautiful!! jealous!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

SO gorgeous! I live in Hollywood and used to work on the Walk of Fame and across the street from the Chinese Theater, tourists make life so hard lol!

Glad you get to enjoy the pretty sights of spring :)


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