Monday, April 29, 2013

every day in may.

things have been a little crazy around these parts.
a mix of good and bad, but mostly good.
to catch you up on the last couple of weeks
we went wine tasting, 
took a trip to richmond to visit friends and went on an awesome bike ride to high bridge in farmville,
finished another whole30
and did some intense spring cleaning. 

i can't believe wednesday is may 1st!
some really exciting things will be happening throughout the month.
for starters, my virginia bridal shower is on saturday (!!)
i'm picking up danielle from the airport on friday 
and then we go straight to my first dress fitting with my mom (!!!)
a couple of days later my mom and i are meeting with three potential florists
and later in the month we have our cake tasting,
and taking a trip back home to north carolina for memorial day.

i've really missed blogging and connecting with all you wonderful people.
in an effort to get back in the groove,
i'm joining jenni in her every day in may challenge.
i'm going to blog every day. for 31 days.
it starts wednesday.

glad to be back.
will you follow along?


Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

Looks like so much fun!
That mug is awesome, where did you get it?!

jackie said...

so many wedding things coming up! so exciting!!!

that high bridge you guys biked to is really really pretty and I love that you do that kind of stuff. I'm all for pretty bikes with baskets [I have one & love it], but real biking is nice too.

whitney said...

i can't wait!!

so sad i won't be able to be a part of the next 31 days.

i'm going to miss you.

Holly said...

So many wedding activities coming up for you!! I miss it all already! We're just about done with the wedding planning - I miss the dress trying on & the shopping for wedding stuff - it was so much fun :)

I'll also be blogging every day in May - really excited & a little scared, haha! Look forward to following along with you!

B said...

that high bridge looks amazing!!

so exciting you have all the wedding stuff. cant wait to hear all about it!

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