Monday, April 1, 2013

i nag. do you?

there are many things in life that i need to work on.
patience and when to just shut my mouth and listen is definitely top 5.
i am quite the stubborn one
i think i am right 99% of the time 
and it's hard for me to admit when i' m wrong.
even when i know i'm wrong about something
and feel so so bad and embarrassed about it,
i build up more of a defense wall because i'm just that stubborn.

i make to-do lists on the regular.
i find that it de-stresses me and helps me prioritize the important things in life.
like when i need to get a haircut, dust, and plant our flowers for the season.
OCD much?
but then when something doesn't get done when i want it to get done
my anxiety sky rockets.
and if i ask someone to help me do something
and then they don't do it when i expect them to do it,
i obsess, i nag, i annoy, and then i nag a bagillion more times.
the world is obviously coming to an end.

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i'm obviously exaggerating
but there are times when i seriously need to chill the $^%* out.

i read this list
which totally hits home
especcccccially #1.

"Don't insist that a task be done on your schedule"

i mean, how spot on are they?
this list is just a little reminder
that i can choose to relax a bit more
even rephrase my "asks" to people
and that not everything
we'll all be okay.
we'll survive.
i'll survive.
and it will get done.

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