Monday, May 20, 2013


you guys, i've been slacking lately with my blog posts.
i've just had so much on my mind - good things though!
we had THE MOST relaxing weekend 
(we picked out our wedding cake and watched sooooo many movies. 
check out our cake samples below, they were HUGE!)
my allergies have been killing me for the last two weeks
so it was nice to relax with my most favorite person ever.
gosh i love that man.

we leave for vacation on thursday morning -
we're going to see my parents in north carolina
for the long memorial day weekend
and i can't wait to hang out on the beach and sleep in!

this little trip comes at the perfect time.
work has been so busy lately
and i've been dealing with so much stress.
usually the intensity of my workload comes in waves -
one moth i'll be bored out of my mind
but then i'll be slammed with projects for two weeks straight.
i don't really know how to deal with this stress outside of work.
i have a difficult time keeping my "work stuff" at work.
which means i take my frustration out on the boy 
when he comes home from work,
and that ain't fair.
just because i had a stressful day at work
does not give me the right to be a crazy, mean lady to those around me.

i'm trying to find a better balance,
a better way to deal with my stress
so i'm a nicer person to be around.

am i alone in this?
how do you handle work stress?


from our cake tasting.
from left to right: amaretto, red velvet, and lemon sublime!

Friday, May 17, 2013

old photos.

i just love looking through old pictures.
this is a favorite -
me and my dad
moped'ing our way around bermuda
back in the mid-90's.
same shirt,
same shoes,
same tan.
i unknowingly still make that hand gesture too.
the boy always has to point it out,
he says "there you are doing it again!".
and then i look down at my hand and just giggle.
it always takes me back to this picture,
good times. good times indeed.

happy friday!
we'll be dog sitting this weekend 
and eating a lot of cake.
what plans do you have?!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

my virginia bridal shower.

i'm straying away from today's "every day in may" topic
and instead i'm going to highlight my virginia bridal shower 
from last weekend!

it was such a gorgeous day
with friends and family. 
the room was filled with so much love
my heart just wanted to burst.

dress {the limited}

this bridal shower sure did kick start all the upcoming wedding festivities.
this weekend we have our cake tasting (!)
next month is my bachelorette party and menu tasting (!!)
then i have my hair and make-up trials
and in september i get to travel up to nj
for a second bridal shower (!!!)

let the countdown begin...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ten things.

ten things that make me really happy.

1. this guy. can't wait to marry him in 5 1/2 months!

2. my family

3. friends

4. the beach

jersey shore as a kid

5. travelling. even in a snow storm.

6. ice cream/cake/anything sweet.


7. lazy weekends spent here.


8. fall foliage


9. wine tasting in the sunshine.

10. puppies. keeshonds are my new obsession.
i mean, c'mon.


what are things that make you really happy?

p.s. i know i'm late to the party,
but make sure you follow my blog on bloglovin.
i can't believe google reader is going kaput :(
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

i miss.

i miss college...
let's go mountaineers!

i miss san francisco...
my favorite city in the US.

i miss high school...
not a care in the world.

i miss my grandparents...
i wish i had more time with all four of them.

so much adventure.

Friday, May 10, 2013

i'll just go and hide now.

i'm a clumsy and weird person 
therefore, i've had a lot of embarrassing moments - 
a list that can probably fill up an entire notebook.

my most embarrassing moment
is too inappropriate for this blog
especially since i have family who reads it every once in a while
{hi mom, hi future mother-in-law!}
so unfortunately i won't be able to disclose that story
but i will tell you about my second most embarrassing moment.

(this picture actually has nothing to do with the story. i told you, i'm just weird.)

it was back in college
and i was hanging out with my bff/roomie,
having a total "girls night",
watching grey's anatomy 
(gosh those earlier seasons were SO GOOD)
and chowing down on our own
pints of ben and jerry's. 
my boyfriend at the time lived right up the street and decided to surprise us
by knocking on the door just as we were finishing our ice cream. 
he joined us in the living room and we talked about our day, yada-yada-yada.
a few minutes passed and my stomach started to HURT.
shocker, i had just eaten an entire pint of ice cream.
i'm not going to get into specifics, 
but you know how guys think that us women don't fart 
(or even poop for that matter?)
well, about 10 minutes after he got there
i had no control over the situation
and sadly unveiled the truth to his poor, stupid brain.
unfortunately, it wasn't one of those quiet ones either.

he was of course shocked and disgusted,
but apparently he was not disgusted enough to break up with me
because we dated for another year.

(me dressed up as the stay puft marshmallow man during a greek week competition in college. 
and no, this is not my most embarrassing moment.)

so ladies,
if it's one thing we learned from this post
it's that if you accidentally let one slide in front of your man
he will most likely stick around for a little bit longer.

i can't believe i just wrote this post.....

what is YOUR most embarrassing moment.
please don't make me feel alone in this.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

step into my office.

monday through friday
from 8:30am to 5:30pm
my view is always the same. 
and some sort of beverage.
(if only it could be a beer)

but sometimes working from home has it's benefits
like walking to the nearby starbucks
to switch up the scenery.

what does your day usually look like?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

scaredy cat.

Pinned Image

i'm scared that one day i'm going to wake up
...20 or so years from now....
and look back on my life and think
"what did i do with it? did i live a life worth living?"

i'm scared that i may leave this earth too soon 
and not really leave my mark on the world.
or i'm scared that i'm wasting away these prime adult years
and instead should be focusing my time and energy 
on something i'm super passionate about.
you only live once, right?

Pinned Image

sometimes it's so easy to just hide out
and escape from the world,
for fear that you may hurt yourself
or fail at what you really want to accomplish.

i think as i get older 
i'm realizing that little life moments are so precious
and should not be wasted.
you should jump at the chance of adventure,
and tell people that you love them.
life is precious
and life is short.
make every day count
because you may not be here tomorrow.

so here's to grabbing life by the horns
and enjoying the ride.
it may take some baby steps, but i'm ready.

who's with me?

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{all quotes via}


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