Sunday, May 5, 2013

bloggers in real life.

i'm so glad to have this blog as a creative outlet
where i can connect with so many people.

when i started this thing
i never thought i would meet so many awesome bloggers in real life.
especially someone who lived down the street from me!

whitney was my first blogger friend
who i met in real life.
we exchanged a few emails,
realized we both lived in the dc area,
then realized we both lived in arlington,
AND THEN found out we lived down the street from each other.


no just fate.

that was a year and a half ago
and we still talk and hang out as much as we can.
she introduced me and the boy to whole30,
she is a great cook,
intelligent, brave and gorgeous,
and one of the funniest gals i've ever met.

in two weeks she'll be moving to nyc
and even though i'm sad to see her go
i am beyond excited for her
to start this new chapter in her life.
also, i can't wait to visit :)


M. Flynn said...

Aw you both are so cute. I love Whitney! So awesome to have met and become friends with you two.

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

So cool! I love when I meet & become good friends with bloggers.


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