Thursday, May 2, 2013

sunday gravy.

there are many things i wish i was better at
like photography
and yoga
and saving more money
and being more "diy-ish"....
the list goes on and on.

i can worry about the things i'm not that good at 
or i can continue to be awesome at the things i am good at.
like tap dancing
and making a mean batch of homemade gravy.
p.s. i'm talking about italian red gravy. not brown gravy. gross.

i can't really cook
but give me a pot, 2 cans of crushed tomatoes, and some meat
and i'll show you what's up.

the secret to my gravy is that you have to let it simmer for hours
preferably on a sunday, 
but i'll leave the day of the week up to you.

here's what you'll need:
1 giant pot
2 cans of tuttorosso crushed tomatoes with basil
fresh garlic
fresh basil
italian sausage and/or meatballs

1. heat up the EVOO on medium low and add in chopped garlic
(for me the more garlic the better. i usually do about 7-9 cloves)
2. add in the 2 cans of tuttorosso
3. add 2 tsp. of salt
4. even though the tomato cans have basil, i always like to add more. add in about 1 tbs of chopped fresh basil
5. throw in your preferred meat - meatballs and/or sausage. the more the better!
(growing up we also included pork neck bones!)
6. cook on low for 4-5 hours
7. then mix with your favorite pasta!

this is also perfect to freeze!


Miranda said...

Looks delish!! I just may have to try it. :)

*NotablyNeurotic said...

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! I'm sure my husband would LOVE this! Looks easy, too!

itbritt said...

Ummmm. I both feel enlightened and confused.
Oh yum.

I am going to make this for my husband, hopefully, it will land me pe"rfect housewife" award.

Ornery's Wife said...

Yum! This sounds a lot like what my mom used to make when I was little. Her sauce (gravy) would simmer all day or for at least several hours. The whole house smelled yummy.

I agree you should focus on what you are good at. Comparison is a deadly trap for self-esteem!


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