Thursday, June 6, 2013

are you there?

sorry for the radio silence
are you guys still with me?

i was attacked by my nasty allergies in may
and felt like death up until last week.
we did manage to sneak away for memorial day
to visit my parents in southport, north carolina.

it was a relaxing four days.
we had awesome weather,
hung out on the beach,
golfed (while i napped in the golf cart),
played games like bocci ball, settlers of catan, and phase 10
and was in bed by 10pm every.single.night.

what do you have planned this weekend?
our good friends are getting married on saturday
so this weekend will be filled with extra loads of love.
the boy is a groomsman
and i can't wait to see him in his tux.
it's like i'll be getting a little sneak peak 
as to what he'll look like at our own wedding 

and with that i will leave you with pictures from our time
in sweet southport.
the cutest little town by the water, ever.

road trip essentials

this is where the movie, safe haven, was filmed.
i haven't seen it. i heard it was lame. true or false?
i would only see it to check out the sites of southport.

the best ice cream in southport.

oak island beach


breakfast at the marina

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Ciara said...

Can I have your shoes, pleeeease? ;) And Southport looks charming! Where is it located?

B said...

still here!!

Southport is so cute! Sounds like the perfect weekend. I am so sleepy (at work) right now. I wish I was napping on a golf cart!

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