Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"i do" wednesday - sweets

we had our menu tasting on monday
and boy oh boy, everything is starting to come together!

growing up i used to help my grandma make italian cookies.
she had her "baking" kitchen in the basement,
it was cold, and the lighting was terrible
but it had everything she needed to get the job done.
my grandma made cookies.
so did my nana...
knot cookies, walnut cookies, sesame cookies , struffoli, ricotta cookies...
i can go on and on. 
and my mom continues on the tradition.
it was a no brainer that we absolutely had to have 
italian cookies be served at the wedding.

in addition to cookies,
we're going to have a popcorn bar
because the boy LOVES popcorn -
and it's his wedding, too.
i think these sweets will be a great addition 
to the ah-mazing 3-tiered cake we'll be serving.

i have a few ideas on how i want the cookies and popcorn displayed
thanks to pinterest -
and i can't wait to put together these little tables 
so guests can nosh all night long.

{all photos via my pinterest}

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