Thursday, June 13, 2013

summer uniform.

summer uniform.

now that it's officially feeling like summer,
i'm starting to pull out all of my pool-side gear.
we have a pool at our complex
and we always find time to hang out there with a good book in hand.

i make sure to never leave home without 
a hat, over-sized tote, cute but comfy sandals, sunglasses 
and a fun bathing suit - preferably strapless
(can't have any tan lines!)

i'd been waiting for this cover-up from j.crew to go on sale
and i finalllllly snatched it up the other day.
i can't wait to wear it at my bachelorette party next week!
i'm also looking for some fun new bathing suits.
(i always like to mix my tops and bottoms)
i'll probably check out target and VS
to see what new tops i can find.
i'm really loving this one -
sparkles! sparkles! sparkles!

so, if you need me...
i'll be at the pool this weekend

have a great weekend!
what do you have planned?


Stephanie said...

That cover up is so adorable but I really want that tote!!!

Nicole Marie said...

love that suit

*NotablyNeurotic said...

LOVE those sandals and I adore that swimsuit, but I could NEVER keep a white bikini top that pristine and clean!

*NotablyNeurotic said...

And hey, Erica, guess what? I nominated you for Liebster award! Check out my most recent post for more info and if you want to accept! :)


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