Thursday, July 25, 2013

miss molly.

last friday, molly went to doggy heaven.
she was 17 1/2.

we got her when i was 10 years old
and she was the cutest little pup -
8 weeks old, 2lbs, gold and brown hair,
i could fit her in the palm of my hand.

her passing didn't come to us as a huge surprise,
i mean...she was almost 18.
but it was still extremely hard and upsetting.
it's definitely going to be weird
the next time i go home.
i won't hear the pitter-patter of her tiny paws,
the house will be oddly quiet.

we all know she is in a better place,
eating as much pup-peroni as she pleases 
and playing with her cousin, angel. 
i'm gonna miss that face.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

all for {am}erica.

it's been a rough, rough week -
both professionally and personally speaking.
i received some discouraging news at work
which has given me a lot to think about.
it's definitely scary but i'm trying to look at the positive,
something hard to do when you're feeling defeated.

the last few days have also got me thinking
about myself and the people i surround myself with.
i'm definitely a people-pleaser.
most of the time i put other people and their feelings
before myself.
i can't help it.
i try to see the good in everyone
and go out of my way to make people feel happy/involved.
but it usually ends up biting me in the ass.
i know i'm being really cryptic right now
but there's only so much i can let out on this thing.
so, yeah.
i guess what i'm trying to say is that
i want to start paying a little more attention to how i feel
instead of first thinking about how someone else feels.
is that being too selfish?
on a much brighter note
i had a great 4th of july weekend!
we bbq'd, sunbathed, shopped, brunched, and happy hour'd.
it was the perfect long weekend and just what we needed.
i checked my calendar for the rest of the summer
and this weekend is our last free weekend 
until labor day.
i don't even know how that happened
but i plan on doing a repeat of the 4th,
soaking up as much relaxing as i can.

dress {j.crew}
necklace {vintage}
sunglasses {ray-bans}

 at leesburg brewing company

no more google reader...
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Monday, July 1, 2013

hello, july.

i'm sitting at my local starbucks right now
staring outside at the rain
wondering how is it already july?!
this summer is flying by
and i want to hit the brakes.

we've been without internet for a week now
which makes working from home pretty difficult.
we hope to have this sorted out by wednesday,
just in time for our 4 day weekend!
what are you doing for the 4th of july?

i know you're all dying to know 
what i've been up to these last few weeks
so i'll show you...

our wedding invitations arrived!
they are currently with the calligrapher and i can't wait to mail these babies!

traveled to atlanta for the first time.
it was all business.
my flight was delayed so i drank by myself. i didn't hate it.

my fabulous bachelorette party.
more on this later...

had our walk-through and menu tasting.
this is where our cocktail hour will be held!

i'll be back once we have steady internet.
happy july!


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