Thursday, July 25, 2013

miss molly.

last friday, molly went to doggy heaven.
she was 17 1/2.

we got her when i was 10 years old
and she was the cutest little pup -
8 weeks old, 2lbs, gold and brown hair,
i could fit her in the palm of my hand.

her passing didn't come to us as a huge surprise,
i mean...she was almost 18.
but it was still extremely hard and upsetting.
it's definitely going to be weird
the next time i go home.
i won't hear the pitter-patter of her tiny paws,
the house will be oddly quiet.

we all know she is in a better place,
eating as much pup-peroni as she pleases 
and playing with her cousin, angel. 
i'm gonna miss that face.


M. Flynn said...

Ugh I'm so sorry. I'm moving away and leaving the sweet old dog I grew up with and this is like, my biggest fear.

Katrin said...

I am so sorry for your loss!

Holly Copeland said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Erica. Losing a family pet is the worst, I've been there too. She looked like the sweetest dog!

whitney said...

cyber hug!

what a little cutie she was!

B said...

aw im sorry! losing a pet is hard. our family dog passed recently and it is weird going home :(

Vicki said...

I am so sorry Erica - we lost our Ginger this past weekend as well :( Maybe Molly & Ginger are up there playing together :)


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