Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"i do" wednesday - honeymoon wish list.

with only 59 days left until the wedding
my mind is racing with so many things left to do.
so i'm thinking about wedding stuff ALL THE TIME!

one thing that doesn't stress me out
is our honeymoon.
we can.not.wait. for this trip.

i've been keeping my eyes open 
for some fabulous new outfits and accessories to take with me.
because you only get one honeymoon,
and you have to look your best!

since we're splitting up our time
exploring the rainforest
and relaxing on the beach,
there is a mix of outdoorsy and beach things
that we'll need to pack.

i've already purchased a few of the items below -
like the beach cover-up, hat, and hiking shoe.
but ya know, with my birthday in only one month
(ew, 28)
i wouldn't mind a few of these things as gifts,
just sayin :)

1. kate spade "mrs" necklace
2. ray-ban oversized clubmaster sunglasses
3. VS bow-back cover-up
4. beautiful ruins by jess walter
5. jo totes nautical camera bag
6. j.crew summer straw hat
7. j.crew market tote
8. canon eos 60d camera
9. columbia hiking shoe
10. columbia arcadia rain jacket

where did you honeymoon?
and did you purchase fun, new things for your trip?


Danielle said...

You have to look your best on your honeymoon? What are you talking about... you'll be naked the whole time!!

hahahaha jk

Holly C. said...

I want #1 sooo badddd!

Also, get #8 - you won't regret it, that's the one I have :)

Also again, LOL to the comment above :)


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