Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"i do" wednesday - DIY chair signs

i wouldn't say our wedding is a "DIY wedding".
i'm not much of a "DIYer" to begin with
and i didn't really want to test the waters for my wedding of all things!!

when i saw these cute signs on etsy,
i really wanted them
but i didn't want to shell out over $50.
i mean, that's just highway robbery.
so i decided to make my own for only $11 (!!)

from start to finish 
this project took 2 days
but only because i had some touch ups to make.

it's super easy
it's super cheap
and it's super cute!
it's all around SUPER!

what you'll need:
1. two paint colors of your choice
2. two 6x12 pieces of wood
3. one paintbrush
4. one piece of sandpaper
5. ribbon or string
6. "Mr." and "Mrs." stencils (i found mine for free here!)
7. printer
8. cardstock (2 pieces)
9. x-acto knife
10. drill
11. one foam brush
cost: $11*
*i only had to buy the purple paint ($2), x-acto knife ($2), wood ($6) and foam brush (.99)!
i already had the other materials in my closet. win win!

1. take your paint brush, paint, and signs outside. no one likes a house full of paint fumes. well, some do....
(i purchased the wood at home depot for $6 and asked them to cut it for me. i probably could have found it for cheaper but there were slim pickings that day and i had to grab a giant board. but i'm saving the extra scrap for a future diy project! now i'm all, "look at me! i'm a DIYer!!")

2. start sanding in the same direction as the grain

3. start with your paint base and continue with as many coats as you want. and make sure to get the sides!
i only had to do two coats

4. while your paint is drying, prepare your stencils and print them.
i found this super (geez, i love this word today) cool site online where you can create your own stencil for free! we went with "Mrs." and "Mr." and once i picked the font i printed them out on regular paper just to make sure they would properly fit on the sign. then i printed each on cardstock.

5. once you have your cardstock stencils, use an x-acto-knife to trace and cut your letters.
at this point the white paint should be dry

6. center and tape down your stencils to the wood. grab your foam brush and other paint and start filling them in!
at first i made long strokes with the foam brush but later found that blotting worked best because of the really thin and delicate lines

7. once the paint dries, carefully remove the stencil!
there were some places where the purple paint bled underneath the stencil (that's when we decided to start blotting), so on day two i took a thin paintbrush and touched up the edges

8. drill holes 1 inch from the sides

9. loop in your ribbon or string and voila! 

so, how did i do?!
i was a little frustrated that the purple paint started to bleed during the strokes
and the "M's" aren't exactly the same,
but now i really like that each sign looks a little different.
for someone who isn't very crafty or does a lot of "DIY" projects,
i thought they turned out pretty good!

i'm off to nj on friday morning for my second bridal shower.
i can't wait!!
have a great weekend!

don't be shy


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