Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"i do" wednesday - a rehearsal dress.

i'm in need of your help.

i'm thinking of using rent the runway
to find my perfect wedding rehearsal dress
because if i have to purchase one more white dress
that i'll most likely never wear again,
i might barf.

plus, this gives me the perfect opportunity
to try out their website!
(i always forget about it)

here are a few dresses that recently caught my eye...
so let me know what you think!

my favorite right now is this kate spade bow dress
because it's kate spade
(my wedding shoes are kate spade)
but is it too whimsical? 

this next one is blush
and i love me some blush.
it's sparkly, too
which you can't really tell from the pictures -
and how fun is sparkles?!
but this style/fit of a dress
typically makes me look boxy.
and i'm not trying to look 
like a man on my wedding weekend!

and finally, the standard white/lacey dress
perfect for any wedding-related activity.
i like this one because
it's feminine and delicate
and the skirt looks flowy and fun.
but, it might be too much lace for my liking.

which one would you wear to your wedding rehearsal?
which one should I WEAR?!

don't be shy


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Kate Spade dress! Plus you would totally be able to wear after. The blush one is also pretty fabulous if you want a more traditional look.

Alexes Eide said...

My mom and I both have used that site!! I LOVE IT

Brittany said...

I'm torn between the bow dress and the blush. Both are great!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

That third one down is just dripping with gorgeousness and screams bride, so it gets my vote!

Currently Coveting

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