Monday, September 30, 2013

my birthday & new jersey bridal shower.

can you believe it's the last day of september?!
i can - happy birthday to me!!
my man is taking me out to dinner at fiola
in dc tonight and i can't wait to celebrate.
i think 28 will be a fabulous year!

last weekend i went to new jersey
where my mom and bridesmaids threw me a "tea time" bridal shower
 with my side of the family.
(see my virginia shower here)
it was at the brownstone
(yes, that brownstone from real housewives of nj. ive been going there for family events ever since i was little)
and it was beautiful. 
and i miss my friends and family already.
can't wait for october 26th!

thanks, whit for the last pic :)

have a beautiful week!

don't be shy



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