Wednesday, September 25, 2013

taking stock.

thank you, the daybook for this idea. 

it's officially fall and i'm not mad about it.

making: time for myself. these last few weeks have been crazy and the next month is going to be really insane. i'm making sure i set aside "erica" time and enjoy the little things.
cooking: my go-to grass-fed beef burger bowl. the boy is out of town on business and this is about the only thing i'm comfortable making without burning the apartment down.
drinking: so much tea. fall weather is here!
reading: the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. i've been randomly picking it up since july. it's soooo good but i keep getting distracted. i guess that's what a busy summer and approaching wedding will do to ya. 
wanting: a wedding day without rain. DO YA HEAR ME, RAIN GODS?!
looking: at the leaves changing outside my window. fall foliage is happening here in northern virginia and i loves it.
playing: drake "hold on we're going home" on repeat. seriously, i don't even know why but this is my jam right now. 
wasting: time in the morning. i've been so sluggish lately. 
sewing: this is a joke, right?
wishing: the dog next to us would just stop barking at all hours of the day. the joys of working from home, i guess.
enjoying: my weeknights. i'm making more of an effort to unplug after work and i'm sort of liking it. 
waiting: for the rest of our rsvp's to come. people realllllly want to make my life harder and wait until the last minute, don't they? 
liking: my hair. i've started a coconut oil hair mask routine about 2 times a week and it's been so soft and shiny and fluffy and smells delish.
wondering: when all my damn shows are going to start back up again. i'm happy the voice is back, but where's everything else?!
loving: the flowers the boy got me. just because.  
hoping: for a beautiful & sunny weekend. it's jam-packed with errands, brunch, an engagement party, and a house warming party but on sunday we're going for a hike and wine tasting. ya know, for my birthday.
marveling: at jersey drivers. i think i've lived in virginia for too long because holy moly. i got the evil eye from an 80 year old woman for not turning right on red when there was a sign clearly telling me not to. i love my home state but RELAX PEOPLE!
needing: a mani/pedi. i'm waiting until the wedding to get a pedicure but treating myself for a mani on my birthday so my nails stop breaking and grow!
smelling: our new "autumn leaves" candle from bath and body works. it smells like fall and makes me crave pumpkin pie and caramel apples and hot chocolate all day, everyday. 
wearing: chino shorts and a striped sweater. my FAVORITE combo for early fall!
following: the new bethenny frankel talk show. i sort of love it. 
noticing: my first gray hair! i'm really depressed about this. really. i cried.c
knowing: that i turn 28 on monday is sort of depressing and sort of awesome. i feel like it's going to be the best year yet! 
thinking: no more glasses! i got contacts this week and even though my eyes are still adjusting to them, i don't need my glasses anymore!
feeling: lonely. i hate when the boy is away.
bookmarking: winter jackets. i love this one, this one and this one.
opening: boxes from crate & barrel and bed, bath & beyond. i love opening wedding gifts!
giggling: at this video.
feeling: grateful and blessed for all the love and support at my new jersey bridal shower this past weekend. pics to come!

don't be shy


Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

First off, loved this idea and did it too! As soon as I saw it I realized how necessary it was for me to do. :)

Second, opening weddings gifts IS amazing, fall is where it's at, your weekend sounds about 1000X better than mine, and I hear ya on the mani pedi. I get one maybe once every few years? eek.

Holly C. said...

I have that Drake song on repeat. Can't get enough of it!!!!!

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