Monday, October 21, 2013

a midweek break.

jeans {gap}
booties {report}
"t" ring {lou lou}
elephant earrings {gift}

it was a rainy and cold wednesday
so to escape the home we decided to go out to dinner
at one of our favorite restaurants across the street,

i picked up this phillip lim for target sweater 
after all the craze calmed down a couple weeks ago.
it's super silky and stretchy -
a perfect combination if you ask me.
these are also my first pair of jeans from gap, ever.
they fit like a dream and i'm never buying jeans from anywhere else again.
plus, they go perfect with my new report booties.
i've been eyeing these puppies for months 
and when i saw them at nordstrom rack for only $45 i scooped them up
and never looked back. 
i have a feeling booties and skinny jeans will be big staples in my fall wardrobe.
oh, and can we talk about these earrings i got for my birthday?!
it's hard to tell in the picture but they're elephants!

what fall pieces of clothing are you loving right now?

don't be shy
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whitney said...

2. I love this outfit.
3. see you this weekend!! i can't wait!

Holly C. said...

I LOVE this outfit on you! I can't seem to find the right pair of skinny jeans/booties combo to work for me - buy you - nailed it!

lil desiqua said...

Cute outfit! Love the booties... and Nordstrom Rack. Definitely need to find some booties this season!

I'm loving my brown motorcycle boots and leather jacket this season!

B said...

i love gap jeans too! they always seem to fit well!


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