Monday, October 14, 2013

cheers to 28.

someone asked me my age the other day
and i blurted out 26.
"oh, just kidding. i'm 28."
what just happened?
i feel like the last couple of years
have flown by.
wasn't i just in college?
wasn't i just packing up my life and moving to dc?
wasn't i just 10 and 
playing capture the flag in my backyard!?

even though i'm getting older
i don't feel old. 
but 28 sure sounds old. 

to celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks ago
my man made it a two day affair.
my birthday fell on a monday
so on sunday he took me on a wine tour 
(i love virginia wine country)
and then we got to spend the rest of the day 
with our families and had dinner at the diner - of course!
the following day i was off to the spa 
because i took the day off 
and what else do you do but go to the spa and pamper yourself.
then it was off to dinner 
where we had one of the best meals ever.

in my birthday suit
dress {jcrew - old}
necklace {the limited}
blazer {lc for lauren conrad}

at dinner i only took pictures of our wine and dessert
because really, 
those are the only things you need to document in life.
the wedding diet was obviously ignored.

the lioco pinot noir was the best wine i've ever tasted.

we ordered the zuppa inglese to share -
mascarpone custard with limencello -
and then this chocolate treat surprised me
alongside a note from chef and owner, fabio trabacchi.
no big deal.

for an appetizer we shared the
burrata of buffalo mozzarella and oysters
and our main meal consisted of
maine lobster ravioli and the duo of veal ribeye and veal cheek.
you guys, the lobster was unreal. 
like huge chunks of lobster meat on the side
in addition to the lobster that's already stuffed in your ravioli!!
we definitely left full, fat, and happy.
every single course was amazing
and you'll rarely hear me say that 
because i have such high standard 
when it comes to an italian restaurant.

i highly recommend this place.
it aint cheap. but it's worth it.

cheers to 28!

don't be shy


lil desiqua said...

Wow, sounds like a great birthday! I'm turning 30 in just two months and was looking for a little something different- a wine tour sounds perfect! And that food looks amazing... Happy Birthday!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

1. I feel EXACTLY the same way. (I'm 27 but keep feeling 25 is the correct number for some reason).
2. Now that I am in my late twenties your bday celebration is definitely more my idea of the perfect day, I am actually not been to this vineyard before so I will have to put it on my list for the next trip (I have been slowly working my way through them).
3. Happy birthday!!

Currently Coveting

B said...

sounds like the perfect birthday to me!! happy belated!

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