Thursday, December 5, 2013

december 1st.

december 1, 2010

december 1, 2010 was when my husband (then boyfriend)
 and i moved in together.
we learned so much about each other 
during those 13 grueling hours.
but it was the most rewarding experience
when we finally had all of our belongings together
in that tiny 600 square foot space.
to celebrate, we opened a cheap bottle of champagne
and ate cheap pizza on the floor of our new apartment.

it's crazy to think that was three years ago
(and here we are today...married!)
but every time december 1st comes around
we like to remember that crazy time
and we celebrate by drinking cheap champagne
and eating cheap pizza
on the floor of our living room.

i love making memories with this guy.

december 1, 2013


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