Monday, December 2, 2013

our unBELIZEable honeymoon - part 1.

i don't even know where to begin.
our honeymoon was everything we hoped it would be
plus so much more.

belize is a beautiful country -
the people were so friendly
and the food was unbelizable!
(see what i did there :D)
AND, by plane, it's only 1.5 hours from miami -
it's such an easy trip!

we spent the first four days in the rainforest
at Gaia Riverlodge,
(i highly recommend this place!!!)
and it took us 2.5 hours to get from the airport to the resort
(that's how remote it was).
there were only two other couples staying there at the same time as us
and one night we actually had the entire place to ourselves.
seriously. it couldn't have been any more romantic.

unfortunately it rained for four days straight before we arrived
(it was nearing the end of their "wet" season)
and some of the surrounding area was flooded 
and two of our excursions got cancelled.
even though we were pretty bummed that we couldn't go cave tubing
or visit their largest mayan ruin,
the resort was flexible 
and took us on different excursions in a more accessible area.

here are some pictures of the resort.
it was beyond beautiful - 
the grounds were so green
and full of exotic plants and flowers.
we had our own cabana overlooking a waterfall
where we watched the sunset each night from our private balcony
and fell asleep to the sounds of the falls.

jurrasic park?

our cabana, named "river" :)

where we had breakfast every morning.
couldn't believe the views.

sunset from our balcony

inside the "lobby"/restaurant

up next...the food & our excursions.

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Holly C. said...

That place looks like such a dream! AND I love your ring and wedding band, bling!!!

B said...

looks amazing!! so glad you guys had a great time (even with the flooding).

Brittany said...

That place is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to read about your excursions!


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