Wednesday, December 4, 2013

our unBELIZEable honeymoon - part 2.

like i said in my last post -
the food in belize was incredible.
we found it to be a mix of 
mexican, caribbean, and mayan culinary influences.
seafood was everywhere - especially conch!
(we were there at the peak of their conch season)
and fresh tortillas, rice and beans, and stew chicken are their staple dishes -
alongside a generous glass of rum punch!

one day we drove to the closest town, san ignacio,
and hiked the mayan ruin, cahal pech
and then grabbed lunch in town at a local restaurant.
on the way back to the resort, our driver stopped at a couple's home
who sells pottery to make a living.
they were the kindest people and taught us how to make our own bowls!

traditional rum punch and Belikin beer - the beer of Belize

hiked cahal pech

grabbed a local lunch in the center of town in san ignacio...

then learned pottery at a couple's home.

hiked big rock...

to see these falls.

 conch ceviche/breakfast scramble fry jacks/seafood chowder/shrimp and pineapple skewers

a morning of zip-lining and hiking a dry cave in the rainforest.

 above the trees.

breakfast burrito

fresh watermelon juice

pineapple and coconut pie

hiked down to the falls next to our resort..

 see part 1 here.

next up...the beach!

don't be shy


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