Monday, December 9, 2013

our unBELIZEable honeymoon - part 3.

from belize city we took a 14 passenger plane
to get to our next resort on the island of san pedro.
it was a quick 15 minute flight
but i was so happy when it was over!

it was a nice change 
to go from the rainforest 
to being surrounded by turquoise water.

belize is not necessarily known for its beaches.
yes, they are absolutely beautiful
but because the barrier reef is just a few hundred yards offshore
(the second largest in the world!)
there is a lot of sea grass
which makes it difficult to swim in.
we didn't mind because we had two beautiful pools at the resort
and if you know me, i'm not a fan of swimming in the ocean -
but we got to see the waves
 breaking over the reef 
and that's pretty awesome if you ask me!

our resort was right in the middle of town
but still remained very private.
we loved that we were secluded from the outside world
but could still venture outside and experience 
  island life with the locals.
(it's very safe there!)
the staff was incredible 
and provided us with exceptional service.
it definitely lived up to being the #1 resort in san pedro!

i mean, those views.

tiny airport :)

the view from our beautiful suite

our wedding hashtag was #hollettawedding
and my MIL made me this awesome shirt

sunrises are so much better in belize.

we walked to the local grocery store to get ingredients for breakfast- 
huevos rancheros + this view = perfection.

bow-back bathing suit cover-up {victoria's secret}

sunset from our patio

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don't be shy


Holly C. said...

I'm not an ocean swimmer either! The last time we were in Miami there was a shark in the water! The lifeguard was frantically calling everyone to the shore, yeah it was scary. You can't ever swin fast enough either - no more ocean for me :)

Brittany said...

That view is TO DIE FOR! So, so perfect and relaxing!

B said...

omg that plane looks so scary! thank god there are nice views!! looks beautiful!

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